What's In My Beach Bag #20

What's In My Beach Bag will be a weekly post about all the books & other goodies that I've bought, borrowed or won! 

Ahh I know this is a day late, but I's been busy lol. This is my first haul for the new year :) a bunch of freebies, of course :p

Free From Amazon
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*NOTE: Some of these books may not be free anymore. Check before you purchase!*

Received From NetGalley
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Yepp, got a bunch of freebies lol. And I plan on reading them all too! New year, new me, new goals...Did y'all get anything awesome? 


  1. very nice haul this week Missy! I only brought 1 book this week & it was a novella by Nalini Singh...it was good too! it's part of the Guild Hunter Series...really awesome.

    loving the new you! go Ana!

  2. Thanks, girly <333 ooh. Nalini has been on my TBR wishlist FOREVER! I actually saw a one of her books at the thrift store one day but I didn't get it. I wanted to be sure of which book and which series it was a part of. I always forget to take my lil notebook with books I want written in them. EEEK yay you!

    Thanks <333


  3. I hear ya...her Guild Hunter series is just the bomb...I'm totally in love with it...lols. I'm starting her pyte-changeling series this year

  4. That Rachel Caine series sounds similar to that old James Marsden-Cameron Diaz flick THE BOX. I will look forward to reading your review.

  5. I didn't even watch that movie lol. I'm not a big Cameron Diaz fan >.< But, I do looove Rachel Caine and I'm willing to try this series out :) Thanks for stopping by, girly <3


  6. ooh. okay, I'ma write that one down. So need to jump on this bandwagon lol

  7. omg so many books!! How're you going to read all that? lmao. I'm trying to stop buying and start reading all those books on my kindle!


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