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Welcome to Salacious Reads stop in the Crazy, Stupid Love blog hop hosted by the sexxy ladies over at TalkSupe.

New Adult? I asked a question about this Genre a couple of weeks ago. What is it? Well According to Wiki, its....

"New-adult Fiction or post-adolescent literature is a recent category of fiction for young adults first proposed by St. Martin's Press in 2009.[1] St. Martin’s Press editors wanted to address the coming-of-age that also happens in a young person’s twenties. They wanted to consider stories about young adults who were legally adults, but who were still finding their way in building a life and figuring out what it means to be an adult."

hmmmm...I still have no idea what that means, lols. But with the current rash of new releases that's coming out under this Genre..I see that a lot of these "new adults" are just as the title of the hop says...crazy, stupid and oh so in love. I guess we all go through that stage when we're young..meeting that boy or girl  who "we think" that makes us feel that you just can't be without them.

As my mom use to say "you act like that's the only dick in the world" lmbo!! But she was right and it true...When you're in love and you believe in your whole heart that person is for you?...well?....

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  1. LOL Your mama is too funny. Eh I'm not huge on having yet another category things can fall under. Okay, so maybe that the "I work in a bookstore" and it's eye twitching trying to figure it out coming out in me. LOL

    I don't mind reading those book though and have enjoyed quite a few I think fall into that category but I've always just lumped them in with YA.

    Thanks for being in the hop Sharonda!

  2. Lols...she is a mess. She cracks me up all the time ;)

    I know..its so many Genres out there with different sub genres..it can br a lil much at times.

    Gurl, I cant do YA..too much Teenage angst for me, smh. But since this NA is suppose to be a lil more on the adult side (sex! Lols) I thought I'd give a couple of books a try.

    Thank you doll for stopping thru!

  3. I read alot of these types of books and I just thought they were YA.I guess not.I don't have anything against them.
    Thanks for the blog and giveaway.


  4. Thanks,,, I love NA's, they're sweet with a kick!!!

  5. NA is my new favorite genre. I like that it's steamier than YA, but not too detailed like some adult books can be.

  6. I cannot get enough of this genre! For me, it's like YA only better cause there's tonnes of McLovin'! ;)
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    Happy Hopping!

  7. Generally, like it. Not sure why it had to be marked as a new genre, though. Yes, teenagers do have sex sometimes(which is a shocker, of course). And why "New" Adult?

  8. lols....yes they do & I have no idea why the new name..who knows why they come with these new names

  9. I like happy endings too, but I dont need them all the time ;)

  10. Yw ;) oh im not a fan of angst..we dont get along, lmbo.

    Good luck and thanks so much for stopping thru

  11. Totally agree Mary and I think that really the base of it..just trying to figure out what book goes where ;)

  12. Yw ;) see thats me..i dont want the hs drama. I'll have to try out Emily snow..been seeing Abby Gines all over the place ;)

  13. Lols @ tones of McLovin ;)

    ye and thanks for entering!

  14. Good point DeeDee ;)

    Thanks for entering!

  15. Honestly, I don't think it needed to be a new genre. What next--"old" adult? Middle-age? Too many genres, IMHO.

  16. I love New Adult because there is usually some real grit to the story and I get sucked in right away.

  17. I like NA :) I think it's easier to relate with than some of the romance books out there since the main char is closer to my age.

  18. The new adult genre is new to me and I assume new to the world as well. I looked up the definition online and it is described as novels written about the time during college, after or during early career. This clarifies the difference between YA which focuses more on high schoolers and NA. I like this genre much more because I, myself, am a college student and have been out in the working world. It's easier for me to relate to a character in college or in their early working years than one in high school. My favorite NA novels are "Poughkeepsie" by Debra Anastasia and "Beautiful Disaster." They both have strong male roles with major flaws. I can't wait to read both their sequels.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  19. I love it. It's a nice bridge between YA and erotica, in my opinion.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. Ya know, i haven't read too much NA yet, but in theory, I love it. I am all for a more mature version of YA.

  21. I prefer New Adult because it is more mature and i feel like I can relate to the characters more because most of them are around my age. Thank you for the giveaway!

  22. Thanks for the great giveaway! I love NA genre. I'm a fan of Ya but the books aren't always all that mature. In NA though the characters are older and the problems they have to deal with are much different and way more interesting.

  23. I love NA! I love the romance and the characters! I love being able to relate to the characters!

  24. I've only tried two NA books so far but I like it! It's a more mature, (more scandyyy) version of YA, but equally thrilling.

  25. You already know I love me some New Adult. The books I've read that fall into this category has me wanting more. It's so....ME. lol. I love my adult books, but New Adult is good. Toned down on the sexual stuff (which I don't mind) and I think the characters are definitely in between YA and Adult so it's interesting enough.


  26. I love it. Its a good bridge between going from the teen to the adult.

  27. I mostly like it - the characters are usually more mature than in the YA books. But I dislike the oftentimes overabundance of drama.



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