New Adult Month @ Salacious Reads

This month I have decided to declare February New Adult Month at SR. I more than likely won't read that many NA books, but wanted to try it and see what's all the excitement is about.

At this time, I only have one book on my list at this time and thats...

Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry

****Update I totally forgot I had this one on my NOOK too. Damn, my books be just getting lost...lmbo

So if you guys would like to make a couple of suggestions...I'm more than willing to take them ^_^, just leave a comment below..
Why am I reading New Adult?...well I'm always open to a new genre and besides I signed up for a blog hop which features said "genre" and it would probably be a good idea if I read something that relates...right?

So anyways..throw your suggestions this way. I'll take a look at the book/blurb and see if it's to my liking.

Happy Sunday!

Lata Days...MUAH