Review Request: Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair

Published: April 2012
Format: eBook
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Series: Cassandra Bick Chronicles #1
Available: Amazon
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All Cassandra Bick wants is to be left to get on with doing her job. But when you’re a Sensitive whose business is running a dating agency for vampires, life is never going to be straightforward – especially when there’s a supernatural war brewing in London, a sexy new bloodsucker in town and your mysterious, homicidal and vampire hating ex-lover chooses this moment to reappear in your life…

Witty, sharp and entertaining, Dark Dates is a heady mix of vampires, witches and werewolves – with the occasional angel thrown in – and introduces Cassandra Bick, a likeable heroine destined to join the ranks of fantasy’s feistiest females.

Dark Dates resolves around Cassandra Bick who is a Sensitive…she can in a way feel out people, tell if their human or not. Cassandra takes this talent of hers and opens a dating agency for Others (those being other than humans) and she mainly deals with Vamps.

Cassandra was funny, she had wit. She was a little flaky in my opinion, but she is the main reason I kept reading this book. She had this resilience that you don’t find in most heroines and she wasn't going to let the fact that something very powerful and very scary stop her from her work, because she had to make a living “her words, not mine“…I liked that a lot.

Now when I says she’s flaky…its not in a bad way. I just did not care for the way she just let Cain “her booty call” come in and out of her life the way he did with no explanation as to what he is or really what he does. She was too distracted by his hot body and that kind of worked my nerves. But I get she was in love with him, so I think she let a lot of thing pass when it came to him.

Listen, you can have the cutest face & the most rockiness body…but trust me…old boy would not be just popping up in my life like a damn pop tart.

Anyways…I saw that some reviewers didn't like the love triangle “angel” that the author took by having Cassandra and Lalcos, who is one of the more older and powerful vamps in London develop a relationship. But...I liked it. I thought it made Cassandra a stronger character…wherein she wasn't just sitting around pining of Cain ass. Hell, give the girl options I say.

Jokes and all…with her ever reliable secretary Medea who was Wiccan at her side, I think Cassandra Bick will become a character to love. I enjoyed how the author mixed in the variety of “others“ in this story…there were vamps, angels, demons and more. The world building was strong and the character building was  well written and enjoyable to read.

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Tracey Sinclair is a writer and editor. Her novel and collection of short stories (Doll and No Love Is This, respectively) have been published by independent publisher Kennedy & Boyd,and her new paranormal romance, Dark Dates, is now available.

Her work has appeared in magazines as diverse as Sky, Printer’s Devil, Yours and Woman’s Weekly, as well as having been performed on the radio . Her first play, Bystanders, was premiered as part of the New Writing Season at Baron’s Court Theatre earlier this year. She also a regular contributor to online theatre magazine Exeunt ( and writes the Fangirl Unleashed column for

Her blog was shortlisted for this year’s Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.

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