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I won't be posting my Sunday meme tomorrow. I have a lot to do, plus I have to catch up on my reading. So, I'm just going to show you the books that I brought this was only, wait it was three. Every time I buy books, the thought in the back of my head is always "buget!!"...lols!

Have a great weekend beautifuls and I hope all you want & need comes your way.

Lata Days...MUAH~

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  1. Ohh me loving this little photo slide. SEXXY!

  2. thank you Braine :) thought I try something new :)

  3. LOL 2! No 3! Yeah have had weeks like that ;) I'd not seen the last one but am really loving that cover for some reason.

    Happy reading and catching up on things. Hun I feel your pain with that one!


  4. book budget be out of control sometimes...lols. Its crazy. But I've been real good though..I think ;)


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