SalaciousRandomness ~ What Say You About Your Book Cover Model?

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A bi-weekly or monthly post by yours truly....depending on my random thought(s) the time. This post will not be just about books, but anything... I gave you fair warning.

I’m reading a book where one of the main characters is Black, but on the cover…the model is White.
I've got no issues with that. But it got me thinking while I was on my way to work yesterday.

I have a cousin who writes (self-published author) and with her first book (she’s at her third book now), she was told that even though the majority of her characters where black…that the model on the cover of her book should be Caucasian because it would attract more readers.

I have no issue with this either because I know that yes, sometimes…whatever the reason may be, that this may be the case. And I also get that a publisher/publicist or the author themselves have to do what they must to get a potential reader interested. So my question to you…the Reader is this…

Does it matter to you what the race of the cover model is? I know it’s not the only thing that will draw a reader in, but was the editor my cousin talked to correct? Bottom line…will the cover model not being Caucasian stop you from buying a book?

**please refrain from making snide, rude or nasty comments. I have no problem at all deleting it. 

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  1. Nope it wouldn't matter to me one way or another. A sexy well designed cover is gonna grab my attention no matter the coloring of the model. It gripes me when they DONT match what's in the book though.

    At the book con last week I got to sit down over dinner with some authors and a cover designer and was really surprised that most authors (non self pub ones) have no say whatsoever in their covers. AND that the designer was given no idea about what the characters look like. All she's told is that it's a PNR or contemporary or historical. That would drive me nuts!

  2. It wouldn't matter to me what the person on the cover looked like - but what really concerns me is that the cover match the description of the character, whatever he/she looks like! One of my biggest pet peeves is when a cover has taken a complete left turn from the character - it really spoils part of the story for me.

  3. Hi Anna!

    TY! The question just popped on my head & I remember my cousing tellig me that..I thought wow, thats crazy!

    Wow...I just don't like that. Its like your deceiving the reader and I agree with you whole works my nerve when they do that. I think the author/designer should have a say..I mean, they wrote the book, right? Crazy....
    Thanks for commenting chicka ;)

  4. Great questions, Sharonda. It doesn't matter to me if the Cover model is white/black/brown/yellow/green/blue/purple. If the cover is well designed, I'll pick it up. I've read a few books where the covers don't match the description of the character and I'm sitting there thinking "wtf" I love the book, dislike the covers.


  5. I hate when cover models do not match the hero or heroine. I even get annoyed if the hair color etc. is wrong. I would be annoyed as hell if the hero on the cover is a different race from the character in the book. I love to picture my characters as they are on the cover especially if it is a hot cover. I love reading about all kinds of race in novels and love when a cover is smoking hot no matter of the race.

  6. Exactly Capri :) and I agree....why can't the cover match the characters in the book?....I know its a marketing thing, but its not cool. Like you said as long as the cover has taste...give the reader what they want


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