Talking Zombies #7

Welcome back! It has been a long dreadful wait for The Walking Dead to come back on AAANNNND now that it’s back on, Sharonda and I can stop complaining and be happy again. Stick around for our recap of Sunday’s epi of TWD S03E09 “The Suicide King” If you have not seen this episode, we suggest you just go right on ahead and skip this post, as we will be spoiling the hell out of it xD

Ana: Unholy hell. WHAT. THE. HECK! -_____-

Sharonda: I know!!! What the hell is going on man?!

Ana: I am beyond.....disappointed? I don’t know. I thought we were done with Ricks “mental” phase. *shrugs* I guess not. 

Sharonda: You know..its really starting to get old and I'm really just done with it. I was really hoping they wouldn't drag it out..

Ana: I agree, I was thinking “okay, we gonna get shit done...” they ain’t get shit done -_____- Andrea? WTF. She went from “That’s my friend” to “You need to talk to these people” *gag* she needs to die. Why couldn’t she die? 

Sharonda: She's another one I'm getting tired of...she's too damn wishy washy. How the fuck you gonna be all my those are my friends..then go to you want them dead. Bitch crazy and I'm done with her ass for reals!

Ana: And then there’s Glen. Poor Glen. I dunno. I think he’s right and I completely agree with him. Albeit, I can see why producers kept The Governor alive. We need an antagonist, and he’s a damned good one. BUT, what about the new folks? Those two white guys from the new crew were all about killing Carl, Hershel, Carol, Beth and baby Judith. WTF?! 

Sharonda: I'm going to have to see about these newbies. That one talking about killing women & babies...seriously?! Who knows...

Ana: I think there’s gonna be drama now that Rick decided to clock back into Coo-Coo-Land again. And with Darryl not there? *sigh* 

Sharonda: Exactly and I hated that the group made him choose..I mean I know Merle is fucked up, but you can't make a person choose between you & family. I think the group is collasping on itself...lols. They don't trust anybody AND you're losing ppl..good ppl..smh. They're being stupid!

Ana: I definitely agree there. Yeah, Merel is a crazy sonofa... but still, that’s Darryl’s blood. I hope they don’t kill him off, cause... that’s just gonna be the end of the show lol. But, I’m gonna say this now, I had waaay higher expectations for this episode. To make us wait that long and give us THAT?! THAAAT? It was practically nothing. Yeah, they got Darryl out, but I mean, no shit, I kinda figured they would. The only wow factor for me was that when Hershel said Baby Judith is 1 week old and when I saw that baby I said “That ain’t not one week old baby.”

Sharonda: lols...that is a big ass baby..lmaooo. I feel like they stiffed us with this episode. Rick is loosing his eva-loving mind and I just don't know where they are going now.

Ana: I don’t either. I just hope next weeks episode is going to be better *sigh*

Sharonda: let's hope to hell they do. This episode sucked hell to high water and I wasn't impressed at all. They need to get Darryl back..keep Michonne and some of the folks in this new group (Maybe Tyrese and the girl..). AND someone besides Rick crazy ass needs to be in charge.

Ana: Lol amen to all that girl! I agree 100%. Rick needs to step down. Darryl needs to come back. Michonne can sit her ass right there and not move a damned muscle. New folks, we can run them through the testing chamber and see how they fair first lmbo! 

Sharonda: Haha...we are soo in agreement Missy.

Ana: Thank you all for joining us! It’s been a while and we’re excited that TWD is back on (just not this episode lol) This weeks poll question is...

Sharonda: Who do you think Rick is seeing when he's hallucinating? 

Ana: If you would like to participate in next weeks Talking Zombies with us email us at...

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