Talking Zombies #8

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. If you missed last weeks TZ click HERE and check out our last post. This week we will be dishing about Sunday’s episode “Home” S03E10

Ana: Ahh. Let me just say this now, but Sunday’s episode was MUCH better than last weeks. Do you agree with me? Or do you agree with me? lmbo 

Sharonda: I do agree with you..lols. And what's even better? know...Darryl is back baby! Thank you baby Jesus because Rick is working my damn nerves. So what's your take on this episode?

Ana: Lol! OMFG! When I saw Darryl pop up on the screen, I was clapping and jumping up and down! HEEEEELLLL YEEAAHHH!! woooohooo!! Man. This weeks epi was THE BOMB! Well, you know... the ending lol

Sharonda: yes! They had the good sense to NOT keep him away for a long time. Now if they can hurry up and get Rick off the crazy train!

Ana: I kinda liked that part where Darryl and Merel helped those people (well, Darryl led it) but afterwards when Darryl is all “I might be the one walking away, but you’re the one leaving.” Damn....DAMN. I thought that was so damned good. Especially because Merel was all “I can’t go back there...” And ol’ boy was back there. I think, yeah, he’s an asshole, but he’s set in his ways long before walkers started roaming the earth. Same with Shane. He was like a gypsy ass nigga. lol. Didn’t know what he was gonna do. Crazy for sure. But, I dunno. I might not be the biggest fan of Merel, but he’s the “I’ma do me, fuck you” kinda guy. If that makes sense? 

Sharonda: You know Merle's not stupid..he knows he wouldn't last long without being in a group. Despite all his stupid ass ways, he's can be a good guy in his own way (ewww, do not believe I just said that). Anyways, I hope Darryl can talk some sense in him. But I'm dying to see what the next episode will bring, it should be very interesting..

Ana: Maggie and Glen. Oh. Wow. I don’t even know where to start with these two. Yes, Glen picked up and started to play Captain America (which, IMHO I didn’t like at all) I thought he was doing it out of hatred. Yeah, Rick’s gone into crazy town again and Darryl has familial issues, but Glen, I don’t think, was thinking about the group as a whole. Maggie? I dunno. I’ma leave ol’ girl alone and see what transpires next epi. 

Sharonda: I agree with you and I really didn't like the route he took, I felt kind of weird watching it. I liked them as they were..I just hope they do any drastic changes with their characters. 

Ana: Rick, Rick, Rick....Why I knew that was Lori’s ol’ dead ass >.< *facepalm* I am so over Ricks timely trips to wacky town. I’m not even gonna say anything else on that matter. Over it! 

Sharonda: Yup! If they drag this shit out...Especially with the Governor after them like that, I might have to bypass some parts (thank god for DVR!). Did you see this nigga was about the leave? Leave! like did your ass forget about Carl & idk...yo damn baby! wtf!

Ana: Andrea.... Again, done with her. She either has brass balls, or she doesn’t. She keeps flip flopping and it’s quite frkn’ annoying. Stand up for her friends? Or still be naive and believe the Governor and all his bs. Seriously, this character gots to go. Unless she steps it up and jumps out of la la land then, maybe she can stick around. Ricks group could use more people (even if they’re so picky choosy)

Sharonda: I'm not talking about Andrea anymore (well, unless you make me...lmbo) me, she's non-existent. Like you said unless they make a drastic change to her character..she is already dead to me. As for Ricks group, they just need to get their shit together and I might say, pretty damn quickly!

Ana: The Governor...crazy sonofabiznatch. He’s one helluva villain. I can’t stand and give him props for making me scream and yell at the tv. lol 

Sharonda: lols...I know right! I was yelling “duck!” But you see that? they weren’t paying attention & they lost ol’ crazy (you know the one that said Carol is gay, because she has short hair...lmbo!) poor dude...smh. What’s his name again? lols. 

Ana: No more prison mates. lol. Goodbye Axel, as much as I was starting to like you, you weren't doing much. But your body did shield my girl Carol. Lol! *sigh* That was mean of me lol. But, still, I think they made us “like” him at the end and killed him off in the end just to fuck with us. lol. 

Sharonda: That ain’t right Ana...rotfl! But I do hate when they do that...get you all comfortable & the BOOM! they dead...its a sad sight to see. 

Ana: Thanks so much for joining us for this weeks TZ! 

Question of the Week
So...what do you think will happen with the next episode? Now that they “see” the Governor ain’t playing with their asses, what’s next for the group? Do they continue to argue amongst themselves or pull it in?

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