Tuesday Jams #20

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What's up lovely people! ^_^ Welcome back to another wonderfully fabulous Tuesday. We are almost halfway to the week being over. Just hang in tight :p On today's edition of Tuesday Jams I will be spotlighting one of my all time FAVORITE artists :) And without further ado, here she is!

Whew. This girl can SAAAANG. Amen. Hallelujer! Love her voice! Love her! I've been a Christina Aguilera fan since her Genie In A Bottle days xD Oh, yeah. She's definitely one of the most powerful female vocalists of this generation. 

Christina recently dropped her new album "LOTUS" on November 9, 2012 and since this album dropped I have been HOOKED! There is a song on her album that she does with Blake Shelton, her co-star on The Voice. LOOOVE that song. Seriously, if y'all haven't heard it, go listen to it now :) 

Well, I'm sure most of you all know Christina, so I'll leave it at that and just let y'all listen to the music :) 

Go ahead and press "PLAY" on the music player below to listen to my favorites off of the LOTUS album! Enjoy :)


  1. Oh I love the mini player...when it asks me that that, I always by-pass coz I don't want to mess anything up...lols!

    I love Christina...gurl and sang! Her voice is so deep and pure, love it! I love your choice this week Ana :)

  2. I have to listen to this album soon...maybe tonight, lols

  3. I'm not a huge Christina Aguilera fan, I like a few songs here and there but even I can admit the girl can sing when she puts her mind to it! Actually one of my favorite songs is Walk Away by Christina esp during a break up! LOL


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