Tuesday Jams

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Jams, a weekly post hosted here @ Salacious Reads. This is my way to share with you another one of my loves...music. Wanna share your favorite song or artist, just comment linking back to your site & I'll be sure to stop by.

I wasn't really sure what to pick this week, but me & my sister had a good night last night...which is why I woke up with a headache (is that good?..) lols, probably not. Anyways, she likes older R&B..you know ..the classics and guess who came up that had us singing (badly btw) Al Green..Love & Happiness baby!

So you lovely people get to hear some Al...thank good gravy it not me singing *snorts* But this man's voice...whoa daddy, sing it to momma!

Enjoy Beautifuls!

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  1. OOH! Al Green! Yes, yes, yes! Giiirl you forgot God Bless Our Love! lol. Love Al Green. Wheew. Love oldies ^_^ Great pick this week girly! And I'm glad you had fun! Just... to treat that headache... drink some more hahaha


  2. Love Al..mans voice was on fire...dang it, I saw that one too! Maybe I'll add it ;)

    Oh no honey..I cant drink like a fish no mo..lols!!

    Im about to pop ova to you to see what you xhose this week ;)


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