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The Darkening
(Book #6.5 in the Guardians of Ascension series)

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Author: Caris Roane

Publisher: Self Published (February 11, 2013)


His family speaks of his death as a tragic example of why it’s too dangerous for the Woods men to be around available women.
Eric Woods is now dead, but was his last night as a living, breathing mountain lion shifter as horrible as his family has always believed?
Experience Eric’s last night with Simone--a woman whose need for carnal pleasures for exceeds all rational thought.
Reader advisory: This book contains graphic language and explicit sex. It is meant as a bonus read in the Woods family saga and should not be viewed as a typical romance.

Thanks so much to BEACH BUM READS for having me here today!

I’ve lived in the Phoenix area for over twenty years having migrated from Southern California just a few miles from the beach!  What a transition!  I was SPOILED!  But what I’ve found, and many of you can relate, is that if you come to live in the desert from a snow-laden winter climate, you never complain!  Not having grown up around snow, I had no idea what trials many of you suffer.  My friends from the Midwest, who now live here, love everything about the desert.  Me?  I’m getting there…we do have, for instance, beautiful sunsets!  But being at BEACH BUM READS, I’m remembering my teen years and camping out at Newport Beach everyday for an entire summer when I was fifteen!  *hearty sigh*

I’ve been a writer for most of my life…yay!  I love writing, I love words, I love the feel of them in my mouth and on my tongue!  My latest offering, THE DARKENING, is a sexy paranormal romance, a long-ish novella, based on my Guardians of Ascension series.  THE DARKENING tracks Warrior Samuel as he struggles to cope with his emerging dark power, a streaming, smoky power that has two facets:  the first can increase his overall skill as a warrior, but the second slays indiscriminately.  Fearing that he’ll hurt those around him, he keeps his power hidden until he’s forced to save people he cares about.  But will his power hurt those he loves?

THE DARKENING takes place one month after events in GATES OF RAPTURE, the sixth, full-length installment of my Guardians of Ascension series, you know, the one about winged warrior vampires?!  Yep, you heard it right, my vampires have wings, but these warriors are super sexy as they fight to save their world.  The women arrive, power-laden themselves and ready to turn the warriors’ lives upside down, especially when the breh-hedden hits, a swamping form of vampire mate-bonding that knocks our men flat!  So much fun!

Guardians of Ascension is an epic world of multiple dimensions in which the ascending process between dimensions involves hot, hot, hot vampire romance and an array of emerging powers.  Second Earth sees the transformation of the ordinary human into a vampire, who eventually mounts wings!


The following excerpt comes from the first chapter of  THE DARKENING.  Samuel has just saved Warrior Santiago from certain death by helping him battle a large force of death vampires near the Superstition Mountains, but because he released his dark power, two of his superiors are pissed off that he’s kept his power a secret all this time…

Chapter One

“I’m not doing this,” Samuel said, meeting Luken’s gaze dead on. “You can’t have this ability for your Warrior of the Blood shit.”
Samuel had been a Militia Warrior, a Thunder God Warrior, almost from the day of his ascension to Second Earth in 1908. He didn’t want to leave behind the men who had held his loyalty all these decades. Besides, he couldn’t always control his dark power and more than anything he feared hurting or killing someone, other than the enemy, by using it as a weapon on a regular basis.
“You may not get a say in this,” Luken said. Built like a tank, he led the What-Bees, as the Warriors of the Blood were known among the Militia Warriors.
He had blue eyes and long blond hair, extra-long like all the What-Bees, and caught back in the required clasp called the cadroen. Women followed him around the Blood and Bite, taking care of his needs with little more than a snap of his fingers.
Samuel opened his mouth to explain, but Jean-Pierre, usually good-natured, stepped toward him and got right in his face. “You goddamned motherfucker!” The words sounded so strange spoken in his French accent. “All these months that I have worked with the Militia Warriors, seeking to build up those with exceptional power, but you never said a word to me or anyone else. I suppose not even to Duncan, who is your friend and who helped you escape.”
“Don’t blame Duncan. He knew, but he understood my reasons.”
“Fuck those reasons. Merde, how many times did I speak to your section and ask if any warrior had an emerging power that he wanted brought forward, developed? And this is what you have had all the time? Were you laughing at me, warrior?”
“No. Fuck, no.” Samuel took a step back, horrified that Jean-Pierre would accuse him of such a thing.
“I am pissed past speaking the words!” Jean-Pierre’s nostrils flared. “How could you have held back this tremendous power that I have just witnessed, so dark and so beautiful, like a flow of smoke and mist around you? Or do you not understand that even though Greaves is gone, we still have a terrible war threatening our entire world?” He grunted his exasperation and without waiting for a response, he lifted his right arm and vanished.
Samuel turned to meet Luken’s gaze, wanting to explain, but the usually affable warrior shook his head, and muttered, “You’ll be hearing from us.” He also lifted his arm, the signal for a fold, and vanished.
Samuel stood very still, distressed that he hadn’t been given a chance to explain. The warriors viewed him as having let down the war effort, but he knew what he risked each time he released the dark power.
And how the hell could Jean-Pierre have described it as beautiful?
As his dark power began to recede, and the attending smoky mist that came out of his body, evaporated, Samuel pivoted to glare at Santiago. He waited for the warrior to say something, and so he did. “Incoming.”
The air turned arctic and Samuel shifted his gaze to the night sky as another eight more death vampires descended out of the inter-dimensional trough, that nether-space between dimensions, sent by a Second Earth general of vast power.
Hermano,” Santiago said. “You probably should summon that bad-shit of yours again because I have one slight problemo.” He pivoted to show Samuel the deep skin burn he had along the back of his left calf. The warriors, Militia or otherwise, called any cut a skin burn, unless it incapacitated movement. Blood still seeped from Santiago’s wound, trickling down his calf and into his leather battle sandal.
Samuel reached down deep and once more let the darkness come. As the bastards landed in the dirt, all fresh and ready to go, he added, “Bring it, assholes.”
Santiago offered him a smile, full of white teeth. He looked back at the first beautiful death vampire and jerked a thumb in Samuel’s direction. “What mi hermano said.” 

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Caris Roane has published nine paranormal novels and novellas and writing as Valerie King, fifty Regency works.  In 2005, Romantic Times gave her a Career Achievement award in Regency Romance.  As Caris Roane, she currently writes paranormal romance for St. Martin’s Press and also self-publishes the continuing stories for her Guardians of Ascension series as well as stories set in other worlds.  

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