Manicure Monday #2

Manicure Monday is a meme hosted by Nite Lite Book Reviews. Take your current read and give yourself one fantastic manicure! 
Welcome back to another fabulous Monday. And yes, it's only fabulous because I get to show off my nails. Lol. I didn't have great lighting last night (that's when I did my nails) and again, today, the lighting is still crappy. I should fix the lighting in my room que no? Anywho. Onto the meme! 

Claire Nixon is a twenty-year-old college dropout with a secret.

To Claire, Adam Parker is just another flirty customer at the cafe, until a chance encounter and seemingly innocent comment spurs a bet between them. The bet is simple: If Adam can get Claire to reveal the secret that made her drop out of college, she has to re-enroll. If he doesn’t succeed, she gets to keep her secret and he has to stop stalking her at the cafe.

Claire thinks she has this one in the bag. She’s perfected the art of forgetting her past. But she isn’t prepared for Adam’s relentless pursuit or for him to share his own secrets. And she’s definitely not prepared for her rock star ex, and her secret, to come banging down her door one year later.

New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language, drug use, and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Alright. This was the best I could do with my lighting *le sigh* I did take a little video as well, so hopefully that helps :) 

Had to mess with the brightness on computer to get it to look like this lol

Ooops. You can totally see my messy bed xD sowwy.

Alright. Down to description. This past weekends read was an eBook (sorry no eBook shots with my nails) As you can see my nails aren't really the same as the book cover. BUT if you look closely on the cover, you'll see that the cover models' nails are in a shade of pink. Or is that red? *le sigh* I might be going colorblind lol. This book did have some surfing/beach elements in it. And I really didn't want to do a blue/white color scheme on my nails as I did that last week. And I did get a cut on my thumb, so any type of ombre look went out the window. It was hassle (and hurt like a biznatch) when I tried to take off the polish from last week. (I think I teared up a bit lol)

So, instead I did pink and white. (yes, the white is for the cover lol) I added a bit of a gradient silver on the tips of my nails just to give something MORE. As I said earlier, my nails really don't go with the cover, but rather how the book made me feel. I felt really, REALLY girly while I was reading this. Oohing and aahing at all the cute little couple stuff. And holding my breath waiting for him to kiss her! And itching to slap her for being soooo... HER! lol *le sigh* you can probably tell I miss being a couple lol. But, that's my MM this week :) 

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