Manicure Monday #4

Manicure Monday is a meme hosted by Nite Lite Book Reviews. Take your current read and give yourself one fantastic manicure! 
Welcome back to another week of Manicures! Oh, but I do love doing my nails. I actually just ran out of nail polish remover after I took off last weeks mani, so I told myself I better not mess up. Lmbo. And I didn't ^_^ It got a bit messy too *wipes brow* on to the mani! 


My name is Meredith Gentry, but of course it's not my real name. I dare not even whisper my true name after dark for fear that one hushed word will travel over the night winds to the soft ear of my aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness. She wants me dead. I don't even know why...

I fled the high court of Faerie three years ago and have been in hiding ever since. As Merry Gentry, I am a private investigator for the Grey Detective Agency: Supernatural Problems, Magical Solutions. My magical skills, scorned at the courts of Faerie, are valued in the human world. Even by human standards, my magic isn't flashy, which is fine by me. Flashy attracts attention and I can't afford that.

Rumour has it that I am dead. Not quite. I am Princess Meredith NicEssus. To speak that name after dark is to call down a knock upon your door from a hand that can kill you with a touch. I have been careful, but not careful enough. The shadows have found me, and they are going to take me back home, one way or another.

So the running is over. But the fighting has just begun...

Rich, sensual, brimming with dangerous magic, A Kiss of Shadows is a dazzling tour-de-force where folklore, fantasy and erotically charged adventure collide.

Alright! Last week I couldn't get myself to pick up a book that needs to be reviewed, so I started rereading the Meredith Gentry novels by Laurell K. Hamilton. *le sigh* Oh, but I do love those books. So, of course, this weeks mani is all about the Unseelie court ;) 
A little bit messy *shrugs*


So, I mentioned the Unseelie court, if you're familiar with the Merry Gentry novels and the world of faerie then you know that the Unseelie Court is the dark court and the Seelie Court is the light court. I absolutely love Merry and all her men *swoon* so I figured I would do a mani that represented the dark throne (and it kinda sorta matched the cover)

Description: I did a 3D look on my nails with a matte finish. The matte black represents the Unseelie court and all its darkness. I wanted a matte black rather then a nice shiny one because the Unseelie sidhe are dark, dark creatures lol. I would have left it at the matte black, but that's just not my style xD So I did a 3D effect to represent the Unseelie sidhe. They aren't perfect, and most of them are the product of mixed blood and being cast away from the Seelie court for not being "perfect".  I didn't add a top coat, as that would have ruined the matte finish.

Nail polish used: NYX Girls: Collection Noir

To create a matte polish: Nail polish of choice, toothpick & corn starch. On a small palette mix your nail polish and a bit of corn starch. The more corn starch you mix in, the more matte the color. Mix until there are no lumps in your polish (it doesn't lump easily, but just break apart the corn starch) Apply quickly, because the polish will set and get tacky and we don't want that!

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  1. hi ana! i had no idea that you could make matte polish with corn starch. i usually just have a matte top coat or buy them matte. very cool. i have not read this book yet but it sounds pretty dark and i think your nails are a good reflection of that. i may have missed it but how did you make the texture? great job!

  2. wow...that is pretty cool Ana :) how did you get the bumps on our nails? thats interesting & I love it!

  3. Hey! Yepp you sure can :) I'm short on funds, so that means to going out and buying a top matte coat lol. I got lucky with the corn starch. OMFG This whole series is AMAZING! I would definitely recommend it! Ooh. I thought I put it on this post how to get the 3D lol. Well you just get gems and when you apply your base coat you apply your gems straight on the nail.

    You actually want to apply two coats. Your base coat, and then your gem coat. And then a coat over the gems to seal them. And then apply the matte polish (or whatever polish) over those :)


  4. Thanks, Sharonda <333

    I'm gonna copy paste lol.

    you just get gems and when you apply your base coat you apply your gems straight on the nail. You actually want to apply two coats. Your base coat, and then your gem coat. And then a coat over the gems to seal them. And then apply the matte polish (or whatever polish) over those :)

  5. aahhhh! smart :) Okay...I'm gonna have to try that :) Thanks Missy <3

  6. Wowza! I love your take on the Dark Court! Prickly little fellows those Unseelie Sidhe! Great mani, my sweet!

    I didn't know about the DIY matte polish either, that's so freaking rad I'm going to have to try it out! I wish I had of known that months ago and I could have saved myself a small fortune on mattifying top coats! ;)

    I love the MG series too! God, I haven't read those in so long, I may have to pick them up again!

    Thanks for stopping by MY MM!

    Happy Painting! =D

  7. ^_^ You're welcome. I'm gonna set up the TZ post in a few. I'm so beat >.< lol

  8. awww...don't wear yourself out gurl :) if you want to wait another day to post TZ...we can..

  9. Thanks ^_^ Oh my gosh. I'm having one helluva time rereading this entire series. I've put off so many other books just to get lost in this world. I can't believe it stopped where it did, I hope Hamilton writes more Merry books. I'd love to see... okay, I'm gonna stop there cause I don't want to give spoilers if people are reading this lol


  10. I actually haven't seen this book around, but reading the overview, it sounds like something I might be interested in. I'll definitely have to look into it, for sure. Your nails! I can't, they're to beautiful <3 I wish I could paint my nails neat,not to speak of 3D-designs. *jealous*

    ~Demitra Cruise @ Characterized Book Reviews

    -New Follower


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