Review: Sins & Needles by Karina Halle

Published: January 25, 2013
Series: The Artist Trilogy #1
Format: eBook
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Ellie Watt is used to starting over. The daughter of a grifting team, Ellie spent her childhood being used as a pawn in her parents' latest scam. Now she’s much older, wiser and ready to give her con artist life a rest. But returning to the dry desert town of Palm Valley, California means one more temptation than she bargained for – Camden McQueen. Once known as the high school weirdo, Camden is bigger and badder than the boy he used to be and a talented tattoo artist with his own thriving business. Ellie’s counting on Camden still being in love with her but what she’s not counting on is how easily unrequited love can turn into obsession over time. When Camden discovers Ellie’s plan to con him, he makes her a deal she doesn’t dare refuse, but her freedom comes with a price and it’s one that takes both Ellie and Camden down a dangerous road.

***The Artists Trilogy is a dark and sexy contemporary ride about three flawed individuals caught in a world where it's so easy to justify the bad things we do. This is a pure adult read (Not YA or NA).

This is the 1st book in the trilogy. It is followed by the novella On Every Street (released in March 2013) and the sequel Shooting Scars (released in May 2013). The third and final book in the series will also be released in 2013.***

So you probably wondering why my rating isn't showing at the top of the review as usual. Well to tell the truth, I don’t know how to rate this book . Why? Because it had me all twisted up, I was frustrated and there were times when I wanted to reach through my NOOK and slap some sense into both of these characters. But I digress, this is not to say this story wasn't good because it was; it was really really good. I was both intrigued and disgusted by actions of both Ellie and Camden. I wanted to take them both...kiss and punch them in the face at the same time…see, I was twisted.

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Ellie…what can I say? What a totally tortured woman. I felt bad for her and what happened to her, but the things she did…good gravy! Okay, let me give you some background. Ellie Watt is on the run…again. See Ellie is a con-artist…born and raised. It’s in her blood, it’s all she knows.

Camden…ugh! I don’t even know. This poor man…he comes from an abused past and walks right into one abusive relationship after another. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to dodge people who just want to hurt him. And oh my…what anger issues this man had. I could just see him blowing somebody away and the funny thing is…he hadn't yet!

This story had so many twists and turns…so many fucked up scenarios. Ellie tries to con Camden, but Camden is on to her and well…the story REALLY picks up from there folks. Both Ellie and Camden has some serious shit going on with them. How in the world these to ending up falling in love (well Camden has been in love with Ellie since HS)…I don't even know. They were like a angry birds on crack, each trying to hurt the other before the hurt got turned on them…again.

This story….these characters are real. Because there are people out there just like Ellie and Camden, using and hurting others because it is all they know…all they know how to do. Karina Halle voice in this story is strong and raw, it will leave you bleeding. Her writing draws you in a world that has so many bad things and you cannot for the life of you turn away. So I guess I’m giving Sins & Needles 5 heels…what else can I give it. Because if a writer can get you all twisted the fuck up and emotional…then I guess they did their job…Karina did hers here.
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I’ll be reading the next book in this trilogy and I don’t mind waiting until May for the next story. I need a little time to recover…Oh & folks, don’t expect a happy ending here…you won’t get it, well at least not yet.

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  1. Ah, I know that twisted up feeling quite well. Halle did a great job of making you love and hate these characters...she's so damn good at that! I can't wait for the next one though, too anxious!!

  2. oh my gosh, Sharonda! you read it! Didn't you just win this copy last week?! haha. I did my job. I gave away an awesome book. lol. I'm so glad you uhmm enjoyed/repulsed this book/characters? I've yet to read it myself. But soon. Now, after reading your review, I just want to jump right on into it. EEEKK! So many good books for the new year ^_^

    have you read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire? Would you say you're getting the same feeling with that book as this one? Cause, from your review, that's what I'm feeling. And I'm one helluva masochist to want to jump right into this one.

    P.S. your gif made me crave oreos. Shame on you! lol.

    Great review! Can't wait to read this one ^_^ then, maybe we can buddy read the second installment?


  3. You have to read this book soon woman! Lolz...but omg, just wait till u read it...u'll see what I mean ;)

    lmbo, sorry about the know I didnt even realize it unti the end of my post...laugh out loud!

    oooo..yes, lets buddy read the 2nd book and u totally gifted a awesome book gurl!

    Beautiful Disaster..ah, I wasn't a fan of those two..they kinda sorts remind me of Ellie & Camden, they are way different...Ellie & Camden are much more bruised girl..

  4. I know...I mean I've been torn over characters before, but these two? Just whoa...

  5. lol. Soon. EEKK. I need to finish a few books first. But I def want to read those! SOOON! lol.

    Lmbo. you're just out to make me have all sorts of cravings huh? xD

    lol. YES! you said May is the release for the second book right? I'll hopefully have read this one by then :)

    ooh. I liked Beautiful Disaster. But, hey more brusied? I can live with that lol.


  6. Lols @ trying to give u cravings

    Yup the next book is out in May, but I do believe she is coming out with a Novella..not sure If Im gonna read that one though.

    Oh they are waaay more bruised..totally messed up. I like to even think redeemable, but Im gonna see where Karina take us with this trilogy...


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