Talking Zombies #10

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. If you missed last weeks TZ click HERE and check out our last post. This week we will be dishing about Sunday’s episode “Clear” S03E12.

Ana: Okay. Today’s show wasn’t that bad. I like how progress was made with Michonne, and hell, we got to see Morgan again. Minus Duane *tear* but, still. He’s done lost it too.

Sharonda: I thought it was a good episode, granted it was slow. But I think Rick seeing Morgan so far gone reeled him in..ya know. I felt so bad for the man *tear* smh, I'm so surprised he lasted this long. Michonne..holy cheese sticks, they finally let the black chick talk and not just one sentence...lols! I'm glad she was there to help Carl out though.

Ana: Ooh. I was so happy that Michonne got some damned lines! And when she got Carl’s approval, I was all “hell yeah!” How about how we also got to glimpse into her life a little bit. How she used to talk to her dead boyfriend?

Sharonda: Yes Please! We need to know these things ^_^ But seriously, it would be nice to know more about her background...what happened to her...things like that. What did you think of Rick & Morgans “talk”?

Ana: Gosh. I don’t even know. I think Rick shouldn’t be the one talking, seeing as he’s been visiting the loony bin for the past few episodes. But, I am glad Morgan was there. As for their talk? I dunno. It wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d hope that reunion would be. What about you?

Sharonda: lmbo...I agree. Rick shouldn't have been telling anyone anything about coming back from crazy. But I got the feeling that talking to Morgan made him realize that he had to cut that crap out quickly & get it together. I’m glad Rick finally could talk to someone he could “trust”...I thought the reunion was kind of sad though.

Ana: Agreed. It was really sad. To see that this is how Morgan ended up? I wasn’t too thrilled with that. He’s by himself. He’s definitely losing his mind. But I think you’re right about Rick. Maybe and hopefully this will push him in the right direction. We've settled with Michonne, now we have to see how Merel will play out. Will he stay? Will he go?

Sharonda: hmmmm...that is a good question. I really don’t know what to think of Merle, I like that he’s “all in” at the prison now, but I swear Ana...I just don’t trust him. He has done so much bad stuff to damn near everybody there...I just don’t know where he will stand. Because it’s obvious, they aren't going to start trusting him anytime soon. I think at some point, I think he will leave the group. I just don’t know if Daryl will leave with him or stay...

Ana: Right. I think Daryl just might leave with him. Maybe. It’s his brother. I think regardless, if that were my brother, I would leave. And I know Glen made that little comment about the group being his family, but blood is blood. That’s just me though.

Sharonda: This is true and I’m with you...if it was my family, I would leave with them too. I think Glen is just mad at “himself” because he feels he didn’t do enough to help Maggie and now this is causing a problem with them as well as with Darryl. Glen needs to get over himself on that part because shit...they all have gone through something. So I think he just needs to sit back & realize that before it causes a deeper rift between the group.

Ana: Amen to that. I liked when Glen was just a runner. That’s it. No drama. Nada. But him having a fit like this? I mean, yeah, I feel bad that Maggie had to go through that. But geez. He’s like taking it out on everything and not confronting it head on with Maggie. What did you think about that guy from the beginning of the show? The one who was asking for help? And Rick and them just drove on by.

Sharonda: Oh my god! that was so fucked up I thought. I know it’s hard to trust people with all this crap going on...but damn, they could have at least stopped & idk...dropped him off at a town or something. I honestly didn't like made them so unfeeling and I don’t want to think of the group as that. Because where would they have been if Hershel didn't take them in at his farm? I mean come on...what are they becoming? I don’t like it man...I really don’t...

Ana: Right. That’s what I was thinking too. At the end, I was all “WTF! How could they do that? And take his bag?!” I was mad. And my mom was all ‘It’s survival of the fittest” And I’m sitting here like “half of that damned group wouldn't have survived without the sacrifices and deaths that have already gone down. They rely on each other. They never know, that man could have been a great danged asset to the group. I’m just.. ugh. That pissed me off.

Sharonda: I totally agree with you Ana.
Do you think Rick, Michonne and Carl should have stopped and picked up the lone straggler or are you on their side and would have kept going?

Ana: Thanks for stopping by this weeks TZ!

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