Talking Zombies #12

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. If you missed last weeks TZ click HERE and check out our last post. This week we will be dishing about Sunday’s episode “Prey” S03E14

Ana: *crickets* this episode was pointless *more crickets*

Sharonda: hahaha...I kinda liked it Ana. It still wasn’t one of my favorites of the series. But of course it’s another one leading up to the season finale.

Ana: …*more crickets*

Sharonda: I’m not a fan of Andrea. But this epi was definitely about her and her redemption...making good on all of the bad crap she did, done and all that. I was on the edge of my seat during the chase. Kept yelling at my TV “run, bitch, run!” rotfl! Idk about her fate...what do you think? will she survive or no?

Ana: I’ll admit. I didn’t like this episode, but it was definitely better than the one before it. I agree with you, it was all about Andrea and her redemption. I dislike her with a passion, but I don’t want her to die like that. To the hands of that psycho? Nahh. I think they just might kill her off. They seem to have the tendency to kill off people once they start changing and start appealing more to the audience. *shrugs* maybe.

Sharonda:At least we got to see some other folks on the show. Tyrese and his group (their crazy issues). Did you see that? Mad because Tryrese saved his wife & he didn’t? WTF kinda nuttiness is that? smh.
I still did not like that we didn’t get any info on Michonne though..I thought they would have given us more by now.

Ana: Honestly, Tyrese and his girl need to just bounce. Just... go. I’ve about had it with the other guy and his kid. Do you think they’ll stay on this show long? Or just making an appearance. People are gonna die. I’m just waiting to see who.
Yeah, I think they’re just stretching it out cause we’ve still got two more epi’s to go. Hopefully the next epi will shed more light and not another pointless epi that’s being stretched out to a whole hour.

Sharonda: I totally agree w/you on them stretching out the epi’’s a pain & I think most people aren’t liking it very much that they’re dragging shit about like this.

For sure, dude and his son are NOT going to make it out of Woodbury or the prison. They’re weak & the only reason the Governor hasn’t killed them yet is because he needs them for now. As for Tyrese & the girl...yeah, they need to go and with a quickness. What’s bugging me out about that is...they know something’s not right & just won’t go! idk. All I know is a lot of people are going to die..but like you, I’m just waiting to see who it will be.

Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of Andrea..but I don’t want to see her go out like that. She was so damn close! smh. What a mess this season has turned out to be...they started off with a bang, took off running and then?...yeah *crickets*.

Ana: *more crickets*

Can't believe that Rick really wants to hand over this week question is two parts. Do you think Andrea will survive the Governors torture plan? And will Michonne find out about Rick's betrayal?

Ana: Thanks for stopping by this weeks TZ!

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like OMG, Glen is becoming such a whining ass biotch! #justsaying

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