Talking Zombies #13

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. If you missed last weeks TZ click HERE and check out our last post. This week we will be dishing about Sunday’s episode “This Sorrowful Life” S03E15.

Ana: *motions to the crowd* Let us pray... *everyone bows their heads* We are gathered here today to mourn Merel Dixon. Brother of Darryl Dixion. Enemy to many and friend to none. Merel was a crazy sonofabitch...but there’s gotta be one in every herd. Minus Rick. That fucker is just wacked out. Too much zombie, not enough human. Lord, we ask that you take in Merel and his one hand in all of his walker glory and we pray that you guide him into the light as best as you can. LEAD him, oh lord. And put him out of his misery. In Jesus name we pray, AMEN!

Sharonda: Yes...sista *bows head* Merle will be missed “a lil”...that was one crazy mo-fo right there. But he went out like a damn trooper I say. Thanks to Merle, some of the Governor’s peeps went to!
As for Rick, yes that “fucker” as Ana so nicely called him is just want Merle said he was...a wimp. Had Merle do his dirty work for him & the dumbass changes his mind...I knew he would...smh. *clears throat, bows head back down* yes, sista...hallelujer! Amen.

Ana: Ahh. Girl.. Merel wasn’t my favorite, but he didn’t need to go out like that. Wait... yes, he did. lol. I change my mind. He took out some of woodbury’s peeps and I’m fine with that.

Rick, Rick, Rick... I knew he wasn’t going to go through with it. And he knows he went to Merel, because he knows Merel will do it. But...Damn... Kinda wish he would have come to his senses before he told Merel and we could have avoided that death. Merel in a fight will help. No Merel in a fight will probably mean more casualties *shrugs*

Sharonda: True...but I also think last night’s epi was a chance for us to see a different side of Merle. I guess this was his redemption episode like last weeks was Andrea’s. I kinda sorta felt bad for him because he really wanted to be there for Daryl, but they weren’t really trying to make him too comfortable at the prison. And I get...I understand, I just thought they could have been a little more accommodating because of Daryl.

As for Rick, I just don’t know about him. He is working my nerves with his craziness and I can’t deal with him high’s and low’s. Just like you said, he went to Merle...know damn well Merle would take matters into his own hand and then go change his damn mind....he a pansy. He definitely on my shit list right now. I don’t think Daryl is going to be too happy with his ass either...He basically got Merle killed if you ask me. OMG when Daryl starting crying...I damn near had a mini heart attack.

Ana: I agree with you on this show being Merel’s redemption show...smh. Redeem em, just to lose em...

mhm. I mean, Daryl can’t blame Rick. They had a discussion and Daryl gave the okay. Michonne even told Merel that they can still turn back. I was hoping that Michonne would have gone with him. At least to help. cause... damn. But... when it’s all said and done, Merel went out like a BOSS!

The final goodbye between brothers was sad, though. That’s... *sigh*

Sharonda: Ain't it the truth...every time somebody on the show goes good or start getting the good light shined on them...they die. I think I would just want to stay the bad one if that mean I would would survive...lmbo. But, you know how they do and I know they had the discussion, but Merle was his I think it’s going to be some tension between them for a minute...idk..I hope not, but I think it is.

I wanted Michonne to go with Merle too...I didn't get that part & and kinda scratched my head because they had this moment and then she just walks of to the prison....but I figured they were setting up for his dismissal. Merle did go out like a trooper, I got give it to him. Old boy did okay...yeah that was sad, I cried a little bit. this show is doing damage on my emotions...lols.

Ana: True, but before Darryl took off after Merel and Michonne, he was pissed. And then he told Michonne “...good, he won’t see me coming.” So, I think his original plan was to knock some sense into his brother, but again, like you said, it is his brother. And I don’t know about the grudge thing yet. But, I guess we’ll see.

lmbo it’s taking me on a roller coaster that’s for sure. Up and down... >.< this show is full of highs and lows.

Sharonda:’s crazy. Like I said they started of kicking and screaming and then we heard “crickets” lmbo. But last night’s epi was one of their best I think. Now we have to see with the finale will behold...I’m scared, how about you?

Ana: I’m not scared per se...I’m more intrigued and waiting in anticipating for the big show down. The Governor has gotten more bold and crazy (if you can even say that about his already mental state) and Rick is...well, he’s Rick. Definitely going to be casualties. But.. I just want to see how it all plays out. Ricks lil group vs. Woodbury. Oooh speaking of Rick. How about his little speech to the group? About how he isn’t ‘their “Governor” What’d you think of that?

Sharonda: I’m intrigued too and I’m just wondering how Rick’s group is going to make it against the Governor’s army. It’s funny to see the Governor slowly slipping ( that can actually happen even more) but dude is nuts...I think he’s gonna have some issues back at Woodbury too (with Milton kinda turning on him some) But like you said, we’ll see how it plays out. Definitely people are going to die...I just hope it’s more folks from Woodbury than Rick’s group.

That speech...hmmm. I don’t tell the truth? I wasn't really feeling it. I mean after all the lies and crazy fits...I just wasn't a fan of it. I got what he was saying, but you know the pressure FINALLY caught up to him and he couldn't handle it anymore. I’m glad he finally realized it and took a step back, but I thought it was a waste of air...

Ana: Right... a little late, don’t you think? smh. He let himself go crazy that way. He took it upon himself. Now, I know and understand that people would look up to someone to lead them, but to see that Rick is losing his mind and still follow? I dunno. Someone should have said something a lot sooner. This whole half of the season was about Rick and his crazy shit.

Sharonda: Totally agree on that’s like Merle said to Daryl “grow some balls” or someone else should have at least...lols.

Who’s going to win the show down? Rick and his little group or the Governor and his mini army?
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