Thursday Notes

This is an extension of my Tuesday Jams meme.

Sometimes I have more than one artist or genre of music that I want to share with I thought maybe i'd post some music twice during the week. Also until I can get a graphic for this one...i'm just going to use a music note pic (free of course).

Now, I wanted to post these videos on Tuesday, but of course...I got distracted with Mozart and he ain't a bad distraction at all ;) Anywhose, one of my good blogger buddies Amanda over at Paranormal Romance posted a good & funny was rap mixed w/comedy. So when I stumbled across these two dudes last week...well, I'll just let u take a gander. These are more probably like parodies though

Lmbo!! My niece showed me a couple of them...had me clutching my stomach because I was laughing so hard. I particularly love the Church Folks & Questions....too much!

Enjoy & Laugh a lil ;)

 photo gickrcom_4e2d1ccc-36ca-6044-35d3-976397e53ac1_zpsdc63e994.gif

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