Tuesday Jams #24

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Welcome back to another fantastic week of Tuesday Jams! This week, it's all about REGGAE! I grew up listening to reggae. Every time there was a family party or get together, there was always music playing and the genre most played would be reggae. And not Bob Marley reggae, as most of you would know. But some Glen Washington, Lucky Dube, Beres Hammond, Taurus Riley, Natural Vibrations, etc. You name it, was played it.

I always looked forward to our family get together's. California sunshine beating down onto your back, baking your skin into a golden brown. Smoke from the BBQ grill thick in the air. Children running all over the place. Laughter from family members reminiscing about the "good ol' days" (not that I know anything about that, but I loved hearing the stories) and reggae music blaring from the speakers putting you in a feel good mood. Yepp. Nothing like family gatherings and good music to put your soul at ease.

Every year during the summer time there is a Reggae Fest at the Hollywood Bowl here in California. I've been dying to go. My sis had the chance to go about two summers ago and she said it was the best concert. Despite the fact that she was no where near the stage and the whole place was just blazin' with smoke and the stench of alcohol, it was an amazing experience. She got to see Ziggy Marley! Lucky her, right? One day, one day I'll go :)

Click play on the music player below to get lost in some reggae music! Enjoy! ♪♫♪♫♪♥

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