Tuesday Jams ~ Opera Music

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Jams, a weekly post hosted here @ Salacious Reads. This is my way to share with you another one of my loves...music. Wanna share your favorite song or artist, just comment linking back to your site & I'll be sure to stop by.

Well, I thought I had what I wanted for todays Jam...but then I watch Amedues today and I switched it up. As I've said, I'm a lover of all typs of music and yes, that includes Opera. Enjoy!

Amadeus Trailer

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about this - my 10yo and I just watched the Queen of the Night aria on You Tube. I had to explain to her that Mozart really was the bad boy rock star of his day.

  2. He was wasn't he ;)

    Thanks so much for stopping thru & commenting

  3. Classical! NICE! I <3 it. I love opera too :) Andrea Bocelli is the man!

    Man. If I still had my CDs from my music history class I took I would upload them and share them with you. <3'd that class (even though I'm not a big history buff, I did love the music) And I'm upset I don't know where I put the CDs lol. There was one I would listen to all the time.

    Listening to this reminds me of watching Pride & Prejudice and those kinda movies lol. I'm gonna have to watch Amadeus. Love your pick this week girly <333


    P.S. I'm totally looking in my music history book right now. lol

  4. OMFG I found it ^_^


  5. Omg....I totally forgot to add him, shoot. I love his voice.

    You will love Amadeus...its a older film, but it was so good. What I liked most about wa the music scenes..they matched everything up so perfectly ;)

  6. lol. Right, he's totes awesome :)

    ooh yayness ^_^ I'll try and find the time to watch it :) Tonight is a Lion King night lol.

  7. That is beautiful Ana ;) I added it to my favs on Youtube


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