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Celine (The Night Touched Chronicles #1)
by Maegan Provan
New Adult Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Self-Published/Indie
Heat Level: Sensual
Word Count: 50,000




and War

Created by the First Born, The Night Touched created the bloodlines from which all modern day vampires descended. Different because of their incredible powers and advantages in the human world, The Night Touched were a special kind of vampire. However, they were believed to have died out centuries ago, and had been reduced to little more than whispers in the vampire world.

Until now.

Harper Kemp was the only modern Night Touched in existence. The reasons behind her creation were unknown and she had been abandoned during her change. Eventually she was found by Lily and Jason and taught how to handle what she had become. She learned how to blend in with the human world and even made herself in to quite the socialite of the New York City elite scene.

After a plea for help in her dreams and the dangers of a forbidden love, Harper is sent down a path to discovery; not only is she not alone, she’s about to face her worst nightmare – a devastatingly handsome slayer named Silas with a finger on her non existent pulse.

I stepped into the shower and shut the door. Turning into the water, I let it run down my body as I thought. Who was this new Night Touched? Did she know about me? I had always thought I was destined to be the only Night Touched, assuming that The First Born had been bored one day and decided to make me. There were myths about the original Night Touched that hung around the vampire world, almost like bed time stories that sires told their fledglings, and were passed around over the years. No one knew what had happened to them, and it made for great campfire stories to speculate their location or if they were even still alive.


I jumped back in surprise. The voice was unfamiliar and it echoed off of the glass walls to the shower. I paused for a moment to collect myself, opening the door to look for the source of the voice. “Hello?”

The lights flashed and suddenly I wasn’t in my bathroom any more, I was in some sort of lab. There were people dressed all in black hustling and bustling around, some writing on clipboards, others sitting in front of large, humming computer stations. A girl was stripped down to next to nothing, tied down with thick straps, and lit by a spotlight over her. IV’s were stuck in her arms and electrodes were attached to her head. She was looking right at me, tears pouring down her face.

“Help me,” she whispered.

There was another flash and I was back in my bathroom, clinging to the side of the shower. The mark on my chest was glowing brightly and a pain shot through me. I stumbled to turn the water off, and grab my towel. Wrapping it around me, I ran into my room and fumbled around on my desk for a piece of paper and a pencil.

The image seemed to flow out of me and on to the page, like my hand was being controlled by some unseen force. The computer set up, the shadow figures, and that girl. The only other Night Touched in existence and they had her strapped to a table, poking and prodding her like some kind of science experiment. I wrote down sets of numbers over her face. When I finished, it looked like some kind of strange modern art piece.

I sat back and stared at it. The numbers were in sets of two:

40.753369,-73.977023, 40.753369,-73.977023,40.753369,-73.977023

I looked at the string of numbers, dumbfounded. “What the hell is this?”

“Harper?” Lily slowly opened my door and peeked in. “Your clutch has been vibrating.”

“Oh, thanks.” I mumbled over my shoulder. “Hey, while you’re here, look at this.”

She walked over to me, setting my clutch next to me and looking over my shoulder. I could feel her confusion as she paused, trying to figure out what exactly she was looking at. “It’s… lovely?”

“That’s not why I need you to look at it. This came to me in the shower.” I set it down and turned towards her. “I had… Well, I had a vision.”

“Harper, don’t kid. You know that we don’t have those sorts of things. Vampires with vision are the stuff of fairy tales,” she scoffed.

“I am the stuff of fairy tales, Lily. Night Touched hadn’t been around for thousands of years, they became ghost stories and yet here I am! She tried to show me where she is.”

Excerpt #3 (from Chapter 3)
As the song came to an end, he spun me out and smiled. I felt like I was floating. As the next song started, he led me out into the hallway and towards the stairwell. I giggled to myself and followed as we sprinted down the long hall. He opened the door for me and I walked in.

He pushed me back against the wall and kissed me passionately. His strong hands held me and he stood with his body pressed against mine. I kissed back against his soft lips and pushed myself to him. My bun had worked itself loose and my long brown hair cascaded around my shoulders He ran his fingers through it as I resisted the urge to bite his lip. He grunted a little and it was so amazingly sexy. I sighed and tried to remember how to make it look like I was panting.

Suddenly I felt that old familiar tingle in my chest. Fuck! Not now. Please not right now. I did everything I could to make sure that he wouldn’t be able to see my mark glowing through my dress. Before it could even become that big of an issue, his phone rang.

“Hello?” He pulled back and answered, mouthing to me that it was his work. “Really? Okay, I’m on my way.” He hung up and shoved his phone into his pocket.

“Harper, I am so so sorry, but I have to go. I promise I will make it up to you.” He threw the door open and rushed out of the stair well.

“That’s okay, I was about to eat you anyway.” I said to myself leaning back against the wall and looking at the ground.

After about a minute the door opened and I looked up, hoping that it was Silas coming back to kiss me like that again. Jason stuck his head in and looked around before noticing me in the corner.

“Come on, it’s time to go.” He looked at me, confused. Then, like a light bulb going off, his eyebrows raised and a sly smile appeared on his face “What were you doing in the stairwell?”

“Practicing great self-restraint” I took my wrap from him and put it around my shoulders.

“CELINE is the first book in the Night Touched Chronicles. This is a series I’m very excited about because the author takes us back to the roots of vampires from old horror movies, while still adding a modern twist. Provan's vampires are sophisticated, intelligent, and calculating. But, make no mistake--there is nothing tame or vegetarian about these vampires, particularly the Night Touched … This fast-paced story is full of tension, passion, and surprises. Once I began reading, I couldn’t stop and read it within a matter of a few hours. This is easily one of the most engaging vampire stories I've read in a long time and I would recommend it to both old-school vampire fans and to Twilight lovers alike.”--triciaATW (Amazon)

“I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed this book from the very beginning. The cover is stunning! This book had a way about it. It was an easy read because it was action packed and kept the reader interested. I liked how there are two types of vampires and I found the background about each type very interesting. I also liked how the author incorporated other supernatural beings, but they didn't take away from the vampires. … All in all, this was a great start to the trilogy. I can’t wait to read more and find out where the story leads. I would recommend this book to vampire lovers. I look forward to the rest of the series.”--Justine (Goodreads)

Maegan Provan was born and raised in Texas. She is married to a great guy. They have a dog and two cats. When not writing, Maegan spends a lot of time on social media sites as well as playing a lot of computer games. Her love of vampires is what brought her into the urban fantasy/paranormal genre.
Celine is her first novel, as well as Book 1 in the series The Night Touched Chronicles

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