Manicure Monday #8

Manicure Monday is a meme hosted by Nite Lite Book Reviews. Take your current read and give yourself one fantastic manicure! 


When Detective Logan Riske goes undercover to find Pepper Yates, a potential link to his best friend's unsolved murder, he vows to gain her cooperation by any means necessary. But the elusive beauty is more suspicious—and in far more danger—than he expected. And the last thing Logan needs is to start caring for her….Pepper has spent years dodging the corrupt club owner who will stop at nothing to keep her silenced. She can trust no one, not even the handsome new "construction worker" who's moved in next door. The heat between them is undeniable. But will surrendering to passion bring her the safety she so desires—or will her feelings for Logan draw them both into a killer's crosshairs?

Hello again! It's finally Monday! And you know what that means! MANICURES!! Oh, yeah. This weeks Mani is based off of the book RUN THE RISK by Lori Foster. It is the first book in the Love Undercover series. I am about 30% into it and... well... Let's just say it's a bit draggy for me. It's interesting, I'll give you that, but I don't think I'm a big fan of the heroine right now. She's too flip-floppy for my tastes. But Logan... Oh, Logan. That's my man candy this week. Now! On to the mani!

Simple glitter design

Description: Pretty simple mani this week. Total # of polishes used: 5 -- lol yes, that's a pretty average number for me when it comes to mani's. Not to worry, one is a base coat and one is a top coat.

First I a base coat to all my nails: NYX girls Nail Hardener  Then I painted two coats of Wet & Wilds BLACK CREME. On top of that I added two coats of NYX Girls FAME (Purple glitter polish) and when that dried, I added one coat of NYX Girls FUNKY (light purple glitter polish). And Revlon's Quick Dry Top Coat to seal the deal.

I was originally going to leave it with just the FAME glitter polish, but then it didn't really match the cover. So I added the FUNKY and voila! Insta-better. lol. Again, very simple, but I believe it goes with the cover. :)

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  1. I used to be so obsessed with nail polish. This really looks good, just a pain to take off

  2. Very pretty Ana. I'm terrible at chipping mine so hardly ever paint them anymore. So I'm gonna live vicariously through you!

    Mmmm yeah Logan was yummy. I think the heroine got to me the first part of the book too but somewhere in there she started making sense and I got why she was that way. Been so long since I've read it though I just can't remember. Darn. Hope it picks up for ya!

  3. Ermagwd, Ana!!! I love this mani!!! It's so stunning!!!

    Think I'm'a' gonna get me this book! ;)

    I used to hate wearing glitter polish because of how hard it was to get rid of, then I found the foil trick and now I wear it at least once a week!

    I think I NEED some purple glitter polish STAT!

    Here's My MM!

    Happy Painting! =D

  4. Freaking A girl! Those are gorgeous!

  5. Thanks! EEKK. Omfg. Foil trick? I have a different trick lol. Gonna have to swap tips one day! YES! I have so many glitter polishes it's unreal xD


  6. Thanks, Anna <333 Lol @ live vicariously through me. At least through nail polish *nods*

    ahhh. So... I don't know if it's picking up for me right now. I mean... I just... it's Sue/Pepper... I just... I think I'll just drool over Logan for a while. BUT ROWDY. ROOOWDY. I'm liking him. He's not mentioned a whole lot, but that one little scene he had with the waitress from the bar... I likes ;)


  7. ooh girl. Quick tip. An easier way to take of nail polish. Just soak your cotton pad/ball in nail polish remover and then press it onto your nail. Leave it there for a minute and then rub it off. Voila! No nail polish. Works on glitter polish as well, and THAT is a biznatch to get off. Thanks for stopping by <333


  8. i have read i think two of the books in this series before. they are usually pretty fun. and the man candy on that cover is pretty nice. love the nails this week. i am always a fan of glitter and this looks extra sparkly.


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