Talking Zombies #14

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. If you missed last weeks TZ click HERE and check out our last post. This week we will be dishing about Sunday’s episode “Welcome To The Tombs” S03E16

Ana: Damn. o.O -- Ahh. I know I’ve been wanting Andrea gone for so long...but...who the hell is left to work my damned nerves? oooh.. I know.. CARL! smh @ that kid. I kinda like how they ended this season. The Governor is still out and about (crazy af) Why no one killed him when he decided to go apeshit on all those people, I’ll never know. Tsk tsk @ them.

Sharonda: I know...I’m gonna miss Andrea...sike nah! lols. They honestly didn't make her a likable character at all and even last night she worked my nerves. Like seriously...taking for...eva with the pliers, wth? a dead man dying is telling you to hurry up and ugh....

Carl...I started liking this kid and now I dislike his lil ass again. WTF! you shoot someone in the face because you “think you can”? Can someone say “asswhupin!!!!!” Rick need to put on his daddy drawers and get at that lil ninga! and with a quickness.

Why they leave this crazy mofo alive? when he got that look on his face when the town starting questioning him...I knew, just knew he was about to go off...I told my son watch this fool kill everybody and yeah he did. I love the look on Martinez & the other dudes face...lmbo, they didn't know what to do...rotfl!

Ana: lmbo @ takin’ forever with the pliers. IKR! OMFG I was all giiiiiirl stop playin’. She was too slow, that’s why she died! aghh

Yeah, he’s a killer. Stone cold killer. SMH. And to think things were going to change. Nope... Carl’s going to be a problem child next season. I can feel it. haha @ Rick needs to put on his daddy drawers. Amen hallelujeeer!

OMFG. Just.... *crickets* you saw how scared they were. why? It beats me. Kill the mofo! That’s the only way to get out of his grasp. But nooooooooo... damn.  lol right. they were straight up scary. Martinez and the other guy were just dumbstruck. >.<

What do you think about Rick bringing in all the people from Woodbury? 

Sharonda: I thought it was a nice thing to do...but damn, old folks and children...lols! But seriously, I’m glad he did, I guess this means the old Rick is more Lori flashes and shit *rolls eyes*  Carl...yeah, he’s going to be a problem. I know its kill or be killed, but he’s just a kid and he’s not thinking of the consequences of his actions. Did you see his face when Rick told him he was bringing the people in...this lil ninga walks off....I call asswhupin again. Smh...white ppl get your kids for reals...lols. But I guess, we’ll see next season how this will all turn out.

I really didn't like the cliffhanger leaving the Governor out there all cock-loaded and crazy...but idk....I thought he was going to die last night and well, we’re left with this...

what did you think of that? I thought Milton went out like a trooper though. I didn't expect that from him, but damn...he did grow a pair.

Ana: I agree. More people and I believe some of those people will be able to help. They need the extra muscle. Take turns doing runs and not wearing themselves out like they have been. 

Oh thank gawd. I hope that was the last of Lori. I’m just about fed up with her. Right... Carl... ahh. Yeah I remember that part. How about with Carl dropping the sheriff badge? SMH. Asswhoopin’ indeed. 

I think...maybe they left the Governor because they still need a bad guy?? And well.. how do you top the Governor?  We’ll see.

Yepp. Milton went out like a boss.... a very geeky and loyal boss xD SMH. I knew people were going to die... but...damn. That was a lot of people.  And yes Milton did grow a pair. xD Good for him. About damned time. 

Are you excited for next season? Or did this season leave you with a “ehhh” ?? 

Sharonda: OMG...when he dropped the badge...I was “oh no you didn’t!” I had my momma voice when I said it too...head was all shaking back and forth..lmbo!!!! But yeah, that was disrespectful in the worse way. I wanted him to tell Rick how he felt, but damn...

It was a lot of people right? And I did say I wanted more people from Woodbury to die, but not at the hands of their own leader... You’re right though, who will top the Governor? I’m sure there are more crazies out there. But the question is...when the Governor does die, who will kill him??????

I’m like super excited for next season. I really want to see new characters, fresh faces and I would like a fresh storyline too...maybe something to add onto what’s already going on. BUT I still would like to see our main group grow. Hopefully get closer as a group and stop all that damn bickering between them.

Ana: It sure was. ahh. I just wanted to slap him so bad. He needs to know his place. He is a child. How about when Rick was trying to defend him and Hershel was all, “I saw what I saw and blah blah blah” Rick is too lenient with Carl >.<

Right, I didn’t want them to die like that either. The Governor is cray cray. Lock him up in a straight jacket and call it a day! 

Ditto me too. We shall see though. I really hate long waits *sigh*

Sharonda: Yep...totally agree about Carl, they are way too lenient with him and yeah...I really wanted to reach through my TV & slap Rick really hard for even thinking Hershel would lie to him...sucha dumbass. I was like “really Rick?!” All I’m saying is Carl = Asswhupin!

I know...ugh, they really suck. October? I think I’m going to have withdrawals...rotfl! the shakes...lmbo!!!

Ana: lol @ withdrawals. Girl I’m right there with you. But... There are other shows to catch up with ^_^ And I’m looking forward to those. lol. At least I get a breather from zombies... good lawd. This ending half of the season totally sucked. Seriously >.<

Sharonda: was really a hit AND a miss all season. But I think they redeemed themselves with the finale’.

Oh we have Vikings & Game of Thrones and so many other awesome shows, yeah I guess I’ll be okay ^_^

I’m am going to miss Daryl’s fine self though...did you see him on The Talking Dead? Norman is my new fantasy man...he was so cool. And so was the dude that plays Tyrese, I remember him from The Wire...what a “big ol” man...sexxy, lols.

Ana:  They did. Finale was meant for redeeming and thank gawd for that! 

Oooh Game of Thrones!! I need to read the books first. I have a little thing about reading books first lol. Vikings... ahh still on the fence about that one. 

ooh Darryl My love, I shall come back for you xD  hahahahaha. omfg. Stop it with your bad self xD 

Sharonda: know me...I love a sexxy man!

Games of Thrones I haven’t even caught yet, every time I try...I miss it :( and Vikings...I’m on the fence too. I think it has its moments of greatness.

Ana: lol. Yes moments... though... I wouldn't even know about those moments. *sigh* lol. 

Sharonda: Me either really...I haven’t watch the last couple of episodes. TV is getting boring to me...too much nonsense on.

What do you think is in store for Season 4?

Ana: Thanks for stopping by this weeks TZ! 

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