Tuesday Jams #27

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Yepp. Y'all read that right. Today I'm gonna cover DIRTY POP! And what artist might you say falls under Dirty Pop? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE of course ;) For me (and this is just my opinion) Justin Timberlake is the only artist who does Dirty Pop.

Dirty Pop is a genre in music that is Hip Hop but with a heavy influence of Pop.

Back to JT. For those of you who don't know, Justin's latest album, The 20/20 Experiment, (half of it) dropped on March 19th, 2013 and JT himself said that the second half of The 20/20 Experiment will drop in November.

One of my fave songs off of this album, is Mirrors.

Video for Mirrors 

Click the play button on the music player at the bottom of this page to listen to the rest of The 20/20 Experiment ;) 


  1. Ok...Ive heard of J.T (u have to live under a rock not to know him). But Dirty Pop...no Ive havent heard of it, u do learn something everyday ;)

    I love his new album, its good and I love Mirrors. But I love Pusher Lover Girl and Dont Hold the Wall. He's an extremely talented artist, Future Sexxy Loveback is my favorite album.

    Great pick missy, but I think..I think we can call it even ;)

  2. haha Lol alright. We can call it even... :p GIIIRL Listen to "That Girl" Love that song ;)

    Ohh ahah you already know his "sexy back" will forever and ALWAYS be the jam ^_^


  3. lmbo ;) oh That Girl is hot..I listened to whole album on Spotify..yeah, J.T. Did his thing in this one.

  4. Ahhh Ana this has been open on my laptop since Wed! And I'm just now getting to comment. lol I hadn't seen this one before. He has some crazy videos. I don't think I've heard anyone quite like him doing dirty pop. I love that phrase. Will have to hunt down the rest of the new album!


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