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Published: March 15, 2013
Series: Silencing Breath #2
Format: eBook (ARC)
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Silencing Breath, book two in the Stealing Breath series.

Just as Sarah Ross is learning everything she can about her new abilities as an Indigo Child and settling into a normal life with her beloved Evan, her entire world shatters when Evan disappears without a trace.

Desperate to find him, Sarah’s search leads her to a sadistic serial killer who confirms her worst fears are true; Evan has been kidnapped, and he is once again in the clutches of his abusive family of necromancers.

Sarah uncovers not only Evan's dark past he tried so desperately to protect her from, but also The Key of Solomon, an ancient text for summoning the dead.

Knowing her abilities are limited in the face of this ancient power, Sarah is forced to face the Malandanti in order to save him. However, one question remains: once he is found, will Evan be the same man she fell in love with?

Silencing Breath is the 2nd installment in the Stealing Breath series and in this book, we find Evan and Sarah living together and just recently engaged…they want to live normal lives, move on and be happy. But all of a sudden, Evan disappears and now Sarah along with help from her friends goes looking for him.

I liked the story and I think Ms. Brothwell has a very creative knack for storytelling. The world she was created with skin walkers, magic and the like is utterly fantastic. The world building in Silencing Breath was very well written, however I felt like we just needed a little more explanation on Sarah’s Indigo Child background. The word was constantly used and I get that she was an empath, but there was very little history given on what exactly an Indigo Child is…

But, despite that; the characters in this story were likable. I really loved the authors direction with Stefan, Evan’s brother. I just liked the fact that she created this character who was able to change so much throughout the story…I liked that he just wasn't this callous cold-feeling man…that in the end, he did want to help his brother. I just liked the direction she took with both Stefan and Evan, it really made the story worth the read.

There’s a lot going on in Silencing Breath and there was a graphic violence to it I wasn't expecting, but I liked…it gave something extra to the tale I think. We get the story from Sarah’s and Stefan’s POV, which I thought was a great move. You really got a different and very tense take on this story from both of them. I think Silencing Breath is a good addition to this series and it’s definitely a page turner. I’m really looking forward to where our characters go from here.

Book in the Series so far...

Forest of the Forsaken: The Witch’s Snare
Link: Amazon

In this eerie adaptation of Hansel and Gretel, the fairy tale ending may be far from happy.

Following her mother’s death to cancer, Meg’s world crashes in around her. Her father re-marries within weeks of their loss, her witch step-mother is cold and rejecting, and her new step-brother, Joey, has some rather unusual sexual preferences. Meg’s only hope is to move away and leave her father and the tainted memories behind.

When her father forces her to attend his honeymoon with this new and unwanted blended family, Meg finds herself in the remote wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, miles from civilization. Meg begins to see things in the forbidding forest—strange, unexplainable things she believes are the result of compounding stress. But when her father and step-mother disappear, leaving Meg and Joey to fend for themselves, lost and without supplies, she realizes her paranormal visions are not merely her imagination after all.

Meg’s knows of the dangerous and tortured demons of Joey’s past but her heart can’t resist him. Bound together in desperation and fear, their romance blooms bright and all-consuming despite the evil magic of the formidable forest.

Will Meg and Joey find their way back to civilization? Or will their love wither in submission to the shadows within the Forest of the Forsaken?

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