Ambrielle Kirk's Donor Book Blast/Giveaway

Friday, May 31, 2013

Hi Sexxy's & welcome to my stop in this tour...there will be a Tour-wide Giveaway at the end of this post.

Dresdan Coven, #1 (enovella)
Re-Publication Date: April 28, 2013

Elaina was once a tracker of Dresdan, an ancient species of vampire. For years, she served District 5, whose prime agenda is to create a new race of humans. As a result of misguided politics and greed, the District becomes corrupted from the inside out. Before Elaina can expose the truth, District 5 discovers that her blood type contains the elements to create a successful hybrid. She becomes the hunted, but protection is found while in the presence of one vampire…

Vicq won’t rest until he destroys District 5 and their immoral experiments are halted. Too many Dresdan have been captured and exterminated, threatening their existence and painting them all as animals. As he plans his attack against District 5, master vampire Russo orders his death for violating a prime law of Dresdan. But Vicq is not ready to cease existing…especially since he’s found salvation with Elaina.
With very few on their side, Elaina and Vicq must cultivate a plan to ward off their enemies. In the process, they find lust, love, and new meaning to their special bond.
*This title was previously published, but has been extensively revised and re-edited and includes new and extended scenes.*

 photo PNR.png photo Romance.png
Available at:
Amazon | B&N | All Romance eBooks

 photo 3.jpg

I liked the world Ambrielle Kirk created here. I liked it and I do thinks its something very different than what I've read in the PNR world.

I won’t go into much because the blurb here pretty much gives you a good idea of what’s going on in this story.

There is a war going on between Vampires (Dresdans) and Humans…it’s getting brutal and the vamps in this world are loosing. Elaiana and Vicq who were past lovers are now reuniting their lust for one another and trying to stay alive as well. I think the chemistry between these two protagonists was great to read, they were strong and complex.

I did however, have some issues connecting with the world building. For me there was some slight overlapping of this tale and at times, I felt like the story didn't flow very well together.

Still...Donor is a quick and sexy read. There’s some good, exciting action scenes and the hotness between these two Elaiana & Vicq was extremely hot. was refreshing to read a book about vampires again.

Multi-published author Ambrielle Kirk writes erotic, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy. Ambrielle lives in Atlanta, GA where she works in the accounting and finance industry. She holds a Master's Degree in Accounting. Since graduation she's worked in the public and private accounting sectors. She is the wife of a loving husband, and the mother of a beautiful girl. She works and writes full-time.  A bestselling author in several sub-genres at ARe and Amazon, she has also earned a 2012 Swirl Award in the paranormal category. She's a PAN member of RWA, FF&P special interest chapter of RWA, and co-founder and treasurer of Cultural, Interracial, and Multicultural special interest chapter of RWA. Ambrielle Kirk is also an admin at the blog, IRMC Books.

Connect with Ambrielle:

Ambrielle is giving away the following prizes on her tour:
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$25 egiftcard to Amazon and an eBook copy of Donor
Runner ups:
5 winners will receive an eBook of Donor
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Ambrielle Kirk's DONOR Book Blast Tour
May 26 - June 1

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Jennifer Lyon's Possession Tour - Series Spotlight/Review/Giveaway

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hiya! Welcome to my stop in this tour...there will be a Tour-wide giveaway at the end of this giveaway.

The Plus One Chronicles

A wicked proposition…
A sensual possession…
A dark obsession...
The Plus One Chronicles: Searing passion and fiery vengeance collide in three explosive books.

The Plus One Chronicles, Book 1

Available now
Kindle | Nook | Kobo | Smashwords | iTunes

Rich, sexy and volatile, Sloane Michaels has a dark agenda that keeps his heart on ice. His extreme wealth gives him the control he craves and his skills as an ex UFC fighter the tools he’ll need to extract his ultimate revenge. But when the woman he never believed he’d see again crosses his path, Sloane is caught between the vengeance he needs and a sexual conquest he craves.

Kat Thayne has been in survival mode for six years, hiding behind the sweet creations for her bakery. But when a random carjacking brings her face-to-face with her darkest fears and hottest fantasy, Kat is forced out of hiding and offered a dangerously passionate proposition. One she knows she isn’t strong enough to refuse.

The Plus One Chronicles, Book 2

Available now
Kindle | Nook | Kobo | Smashwords

**Please note: Possession is book two of a three book series. Readers should start with The Proposition.**

Savagely sexy billionaire Sloane Michaels ruthlessly controls his life and everything in it. Even his sex partners are carefully negotiated plus-one arrangements, including his latest, the fiery bakery owner, Kat Thayne. But Sloane’s control is challenged when his mentor becomes seriously ill, and his need for Kat, his need to possess her at all costs, rivals only his single-minded goal of vengeance for the murder of his sister.

After surviving an attack six years ago, Kat Thayne escaped her fears in the protective world of her beloved bakery. Then Sloane Michaels storms into her life, making her feel beautiful, strong and sexy. Yet as Kat pushes her boundaries and uncovers a dangerous secret in her past, Sloane’s controlling side emerges. Worried that Sloane will possess her mind, body and soul, Kat fights to keep her hard won independence. But just as Sloane demands her complete surrender, she discovers he has a dark side that could destroy them both.

**Possession is an adult contemporary novel and is not intended for younger readers due to mature content.**

OBSESSION, Book 3 - Coming 9/24/13

Ok…I’m going to do a twosome since I read books 1 & 2 and also because this is a trilogy where the story of Sloane & Kat is drawn out to cover 3 books.

I’m not much of a fan of trilogy’s, especially when it deals with the same couple AND especially when it’s a couple that I start to love...this is because I want to find out what going on with a quickness. What can I say? I’m nosy like that.

The Proposition starts this story of two extremely damaged people and I mean damaged in the worst way. Kat who now owns a bakery, was brutally attacked years ago with her ex-fiancĂ©…she is trying to move on with her life, but she still has panic attacks and is distant from her family. On the night of a gig she had, she comes across Sloane Michaels, an ex UFC fighter, now turned bazillioniare.

Well to get into this story without really getting into…Sloane saves Kat and her best friend from the robbery and this people starts Sloane’s almost stalkerish ways to get to know Kat "a lil" better. He also offers her a proposition…be his “plus-one” and this ladies is how Sloane Michaels works. Instead of getting emotionally evolved with a woman, he always offer her this deal. Go out with him on dates, basically be his arm candy and he in return takes care of you…financially and oh man sexually.

Kat who has her own issues never met a man so arrogant, but she’s attracted to Sloane…no one has made her feel so alive since like ever! So she decides to take the offer. Plus, Sloane also offers to train her how to protect herself because all of a sudden Kat’s ex suddenly starts re-appearing in her life.

Possession picks up with Kat & Sloane working their way around this plus one relationship. They’re both starting to get that “oh my, god…I think I love him/her” feeling. And omg, they both are fighting it like…well two UFC fighters in the cage…lols.

Sloane is able to break down Kat’s walls more I think. He shares his feelings with her, but won’t commit too much. See Sloane has a secret that he hasn't exactly shared with Kat and of course his selfish ass momma reveals to Kat exactly what that secret is and what he plans to do.

This story even though it’s broken into 3 books is just great. I mean you don’t have just another rich man coming to save the po’ little ol’ broke woman. Kat came from money, so she doesn't really need…nor does she want it. She just wants to be able to go through life being scared all the time.

I liked Kat…she was an angry woman and hard-headed, but I definitely understood her reason why she acted the way she did. It truly was her coping mechanism…a way for people not to hurt her anymore, so…yeah I got it. Sloane Michaels…lawd! What a hot-ass man. I mean I've read some sexually arrogant men before, but Mr. Michaels definitely takes the top spot in my book. He was big, powerful and damn! He made eating cupcakes never normal for me again.

Anyways, I loved the mixing of these two characters. I loved the complexity that Jennifer Lyons created with them…the struggles with their feelings for one another while they attempted to deal with their own demons was just amazing to read. It made them real…relatable.

I’m loving this story and cannot wait to read the conclusion, Obsession (book 3). It should be pretty damn exciting to see what the future holds for these two.

 photo 5.jpg

Jennifer Lyon grew up under the shadow of the Matterhorn at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. She attended Walt Disney elementary school and her very first playmate was her beloved dog, Duke, who was cast in the role of hero in all their adventures.

Clearly Jen was born to daydream. But it took her years to figure out how to turn her imagination into a career as an author. After marrying and becoming a full time mom to three sons, Jen launched her career with the award winning Samantha Shaw Mystery Series and other romantic mysteries under the name Jennifer Apodaca. Later, she took the name Jennifer Lyon, combined her love of witches, alpha males and sizzling romance into another award winning series, the Wing Slayer Hunters.

Jennifer has several new releases coming out this year. THE PROPOSITION, the first book in her new Plus One Chronicles was just released on February 24 and following later in the year will be Book Two: POSSESSION - Coming 5/28/13 and Book Three: OBSESSION - Coming 9/24/13.

Writing under Jennifer Apodaca she will be releasing the first book in her Once A Marine series, titled THE BABY BARGAIN which will be out in March 2013 from Entangled Publishing in their Indulgence line.

For more information on Jen or her books, please visit her website or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads

Jennifer Lion's POSSESSION Blog Tour
May 27 - June 9

Jennifer is giving away a $50.00 gift card to Amazon or B&N (winners choice) on the tour.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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ARC Review: Enraptured by Shoshanna Evers

Monday, May 27, 2013

Expected Publication: June 10, 2013
Pocket Star
Series: Enslaved #3
Format: eBook
Source: *ARC provided through Edelweiss by the publisher
Authors Website
 photo BDSM.png photo Romance.png
The stunning conclusion to the red-hot Enslaved erotica trilogy finds a curious young beauty baring more than her skin…Lovely, blonde, and young, Jessica accepted a job at New York’s most exclusive BDSM nightclub to make ends meet...and to satisfy her curiosity. Nobody is more intriguing than the BAD boys—Billionaire Arrogant Doms—a trio of unbelievably rich and sexy men. Jessica willingly gets involved with the group, shedding her formerly shy persona to explore the limits of her own desire. But she isn’t sure how vulnerable she wants to be...until the one BAD Boy who never wants to fall in love again—the gorgeous, passionate, and unexpectedly tender Roman—takes an interest in her, and Jessica finds herself drawn deeper into his world than she ever expected

 photo 4.jpg

Now this was the story I was looking for... Enraptured was the perfect blending of a Sadist (Roman) and a Submissive (Jessica).

Jessica was perfect for Roman, she was the perfect submissive for him and she also filled the lonely gap in his life. What I loved so much about this book was the relationship between these two, it just flowed. I mean it was just perfect. You ever read a story and you just knew just by reading a few pages that the couple was right for one another? Well it happened here in Enraptured….I just knew Jessica would be the one to pull Roman out of his funk.

In the 3rd and final book in the Enslaved Trilogy, our story starts with Roman Chase and in my opinion…the one true Dom in this group of BAD boys (Billionaire Arrogant Doms). He was the only arrogant Dom and the only one with TRUE experience because the man actually trained subs. But Roman was tired of that and he wanted something…no needed someone in his life permanently. He needed a true submissive that would fit his sadists feelings…his need to give pain.

Jessica was fucking perfect! Just fucking perfect for Roman. She was sweet, funny and she was a true submissive and even though the girl was new to the lifestyle and I do mean vanilla new. She never questioned (I mean she did, but it was never in a disrespectful way) or topped from the bottom AND my most hated thing to read….she was not a BRAT! The girl was perfect for Roman.

So as I said Jessica was new to the BDSM world…so lucky she came across a Dom who trained other submissives before. Here Roman was able to take his time and teach Jessica about the BDSM world and slowly train her on what he needed from her as a Sadists. And I know you’re probably thinking “omg, she’s new and with a Sadists?” Well, I think Shoshanna Evers did a wonderful job leading up to Roman’s story by letting us know first hand that he trained subs before…so to me it wasn't like she was just thrown into the lifestyle. She was in good hands with Roman.

“You changed my life,” he said, the smile lighting up his handsome face. “You brought the sunlight in”.

And this is what I loved most about the story. Jessica was able to give Roman what he needed as a sadist, but she was also able to draw real feelings out of him. He actually wanted Jessica in his life, needed her. And he in turn, was able to fulfill her needs as a submissive.

If I had any dislike of this story, it was the constant almost seeming thought that Jessica was after Roman because of his money….especially when Elisabeth & Lauren just put the shit out there.

“I think we’re worried about Roman,” Elisabeth said. “we don’t want to see him get his heart broken again”
“We've both been through it” Elisabeth said. “Suddenly having a Black Amex in your hand, having the world at your fingertips. It’s heady stuff. It can make a girl question her own motives.”

“Uh…ONE, bitch please speak for yourself."

Not once while reading this story did I think Jessica was in it for the doe….she actually was attracted to Roman and then eventually fell in love with him, even when he didn't commit (at the time!), she still wanted to stay with him. Me personally, I just think Elisabeth ass was jealous because she didn't have Roman to pine after her bratty ass no more. I just felt like she was so hypercritical, I mean didn't your ass come to Trevor broke & didn't he pay off your bills? Like fucking really, you have the gall to question someone else’s motives? And then pass it off as if you care about Roman? #getthefuckouttahere

*pats at hair and smooths skirt* as you can see I didn't like Elisabeth and Lauren (I liked her!) truly skated by my “bitch please” radar. But because Jessica wanted to please Roman, she took it all in stride.

As I said in my review of Enamored, I hoped that Shoshanna Evers brought her A game with Roman’s book and I have to say she did. She gave me exactly want I wanted….a true Dom matched with a perfect submissive.

This was truly a good end to this trilogy.

kk...this one will have to songs! Because I just felt they both fit perfectly. 

All books available via Barnes & Noble / Amazon / ARe

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Quote-tastic ~ #1 - Sexxy Man & a Cupcake....

Hosted by Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soups, this Monday meme asks you to share your favorite quote from a current book you're reading or an old favorite...

Since this is my first "quote" know I'm gonna start with something sexxy *weg*

"It is, yes." He leaned forward. "Because I don't share, Kat. You'll get your orgasms from me. Only me." Relaxing back into hi seat, he added, "And you will be the only woman I'll be making come for that time as well." He cut into the cupcake with his fork and slid it into his mouth.

Kat lost her breath at his demand. Felt her body soften and a languid need spread. His confidence, his was so sexy. The way he savored the cupcake hit her lust center too. He licked the fork, long leisurely swipes of his tongue as he relished every crumb...She had to drop her gaze. Tried to focus on eating a bit of her cupcake.

"Damn, woman, that is good. There's a pop of creamy lemon" not try to eat your cupcake. Grab his ass and...and....

My review for this book and the second book in the series will be up this week. Sloane was just hot for his own damn good I tell you.

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ARC Review: A Brother's Honor by Brenda Jackson

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Expected Publication: May 28, 2013
Harlequin MIRA
Series: Grangers #1
Forma: eBook
*ARC provided through NetGalley by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review
 photo Romance.png

The Granger brothers left behind their family's Virginia estate—and the bad memories it holds—years ago. But their dying grandfather's request brings them home: to a failing business, a legacy of secrets and a deathbed promise to make things right.As the eldest brother, attorney Jace Granger is determined to take responsibility for Granger Aeronautics, his family's failing business. But the years of mismanagement seem impossible to untangle. As CEO, he hires a consultant to turn the company around. Smart, sexy Shana Bradford is the right person for the job—and the right woman to turn Jace's world upside down.

But the passion between them is jeopardized when old secrets begin to emerge. A woman from Jace's past suddenly reappears. And an explosive discovery changes everything Jace thinks he knows about his mother—and his father, who was convicted of her murder.

Jace Granger tried to leave his family history behind once before. But this time he needs to face the past…or risk losing his future.

Three brothers. One legacy. A lifetime of secrets.

 photo 3.jpg

A Brother’s Honor was a slow read for me and the story just did not pick up at all. Also, I really could not connect to the characters, Jace and Shana. But there was the intrigue there that keep me reading this story…what it was though, I don’t know. I liked the story well enough and I loved the fact that these Brothers were so close and decided to put their lives on hold to fulfill their grandfathers dying wish, which was for them to come together and save the family’s legacy Granger Aeronautics and get their father out of jail.

This story as all the makings of a made-for TV drama because there was a lot of it going on. We have a family trying to rebuild after their monarch has died. Their father is still in jail for a crime he did not commit. And most of all these brothers must deal with their own personal issues and in this 1st story….a romance trying to survive in the middle of it all. So as I've said, there was a lot going on in A Brother’s honor, but the world building for me was too slow and maybe just a little over descriptive...I don’t think it flowed together very well.

Will this stop me from reading another Brenda Jackson book? Oh, hell no! I love Brenda Jackson, the woman can write her ass off. This book, however was not my glass of wine.

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