Quote-tastic ~ #1 - Sexxy Man & a Cupcake....

Hosted by Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soups, this Monday meme asks you to share your favorite quote from a current book you're reading or an old favorite...

Since this is my first "quote"...you know I'm gonna start with something sexxy *weg*

"It is, yes." He leaned forward. "Because I don't share, Kat. You'll get your orgasms from me. Only me." Relaxing back into hi seat, he added, "And you will be the only woman I'll be making come for that time as well." He cut into the cupcake with his fork and slid it into his mouth.

Kat lost her breath at his demand. Felt her body soften and a languid need spread. His confidence, his words...it was so sexy. The way he savored the cupcake hit her lust center too. He licked the fork, long leisurely swipes of his tongue as he relished every crumb...She had to drop her gaze. Tried to focus on eating a bit of her cupcake.

"Damn, woman, that is good. There's a pop of creamy lemon"

no...no...no...do not try to eat your cupcake. Grab his ass and...and....

My review for this book and the second book in the series will be up this week. Sloane was just hot for his own damn good I tell you.

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