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A bi-weekly or bi-monthly post by yours truly....depending on my random thought(s) the time. This post will not be just about books, but anything... I gave you fair warning.

Ah! I think the spring is settling in. Hmmmmm, I thinks anyway. Well...out with spring (because we all know it gonna go quickly) come summer and then my most favorite dance show hits the air.

That's right! for you folks that did not know. I absolutely love So You Think You Can Dance! what I love about this show is everyone! & I mean everyone...okay! the professionals and the street dancers have a spotlight....I love them all. Last season, ppl went in an uproar because street dance/animator made it to the top 10. I was a little pissed because folks judge this man because he wasn't a so called "professional" dancer. Bottom line, HE worked hard AND he dance outside of his genre, but besides all that...he deserved to be there just like the rest!...most that came on the show couldn't even achieve that!

But, I digress...Cryus made it to the top 2, judgments and all. And that folks is a testament of that kids really you can stuff it if you didn't like it.

any...way! Below are just SOME of my top performances from the show.

I truly didn't list them all...that would be like all day dude! lmbo!

What's your favorite Sping/Summer program? share and leave your comments below!


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  1. I don't really know much about spring/summer shows!! I love Game of Thrones, so I guess that counts, but I'm kind of behind on this season. I used to love True Blood but that's gone down the drain.

  2. I have yet to catch Game of Thrones...but I brought the DVD for season 1 & 2 so I can play catch.

    lmbo @ Trueblood, but you're so right. I stopped watching it in the middle of last season. They really need to get back to the basics!

  3. Oh wow. That's crazy impressive. I've never seen that show Sharonda! I actually don't have tv here anymore. I got rid of it a few years back b/c I just wasn't watching it enough to make up for the cost and just never went back. I don't miss it too often but dang I'd love to watch this one as it was happening!

  4. Oh I see Im gonna have to send Youtube videos this summer ;) the show is totally awesome! With the combo of music & dance really is something else to watch.

    Oh my we have to discuss Anna. I can understand though & honestly if it wasnt for Nasir, I wouldnt have TV either. There really isnt much on anyways besides those dreaded reality shows *shuddes*


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