Series Review: The Charmed Fates by Christine Wenrick

Thursday, May 23, 2013

This is the last book in The Charmed Trilogy...enjoy.

Published: March 1, 2013
Red Tree House Publishing
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Series: The Charmed Trilogy #3
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“You think you know him better than I do?
Interesting . . . and so boringly human.”

Over a year has passed since Olivia Ann Greyson discovered that she is a Charmer, a Dhampir fated to be part of the violent supernatural world that surrounds our human one. In that time, she has strengthened herself physically, learned of her family’s secret past, and found a deep and abiding love with the strongest man she has ever met, Daywalker Caleb Wolfe. But Olivia’s biggest challenge still lies ahead of her . . .

Dark vampire lord Luther Davin has been obsessed with capturing Olivia so he can use her special gifts for his own reasons. As Caleb and Olivia try to make a new life together with their coven, the Nightwalker’s attempts to capture her only intensify and inadvertently bring an unwelcome visitor from Caleb’s past barging back into his life.

She is Caelestis—Celeste to the modern world—and she claims to be Caleb’s first and rightful mate. Although Olivia has grown confident and secure in her relationship with Caleb, she soon realizes that Celeste sees herself as no less than a goddess among mere mortals and will stop at nothing to get Caleb back—which means Olivia herself must die!

When these two threats collide and fate steps in to pull Olivia away from her new family, will she be ready for her darkest hour and her greatest battle?

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What can I say about book 3? I will say that I liked the story and it was a decent ending to a great series. I know this is overkill, but mainly there’s the same issue with this one as it was with book 1 & 2...the drawing out of the tale.

Here…Olivia and Caleb are finally together, but its not the happily ever after they’re looking for. And then here comes the Ex with her drama. Olivia was annoying with her constant insecurities about her relationship with Caleb and I have to say I'm happy that we got to learn more about Caleb. His insecurities and finally why he was turned by that crazy Celeste.

Oh & let me just say..If I was Olivia, I would been telling the ho' the below & Then?...I would have personally thrown Celeste ass into space.

Oh...yeah, It would had been real & ghetto baby!

But as I said, we mostly read the struggle between Olivia and Caleb as they try to work through so many things and let me tell you there was a lot going on….the return of Celeste, Jax & Gemma’s stuff and mainly Caleb going after Davin so that he could finally take care of him so that Olivia could be “free” of him.

It was a good story and it did keep me turning the pages on my NOOK. I loved the confidence that Olivia seemed to gained since coming to live with Caleb, but she was still the brat that she could be.

The beginning took off running, but then I ran into those slow spots and it definitely took too long for Luther Davin to show back up in his crazy attempt to kidnap Olivia and use her charmer gift for his own evil purpose. When he did show up…some of it wasn't exciting as I thought it would be and…well I can’t tell, but I was very iffy about the events towards the ending.

Now the official ending...the ending that I was waiting for...I felt good about it because Olivia & Caleb finally got their happy ending and what a ending it was. Had me going "awwwww!"

Because Olivia & Caleb were just so drawn to each other...I felt this song was appropriate for them.

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  1. Thanks Neyra!

    yeah...that was really my main issue & pulling second was Olivia's sometimes whiny ways. I get why she acted the way she did, but I didn't have to like it...lols.

    oh yes, the closure was good for me, but I get a sense we will see more of Jax's Coven in future books by Ms. Wenrick (at least I'm hoping so).

    Oh come on over to the vamp world..its not always pretty, but it fun! lmbo! and the men are just yummy!

  2. Thanks for the review. I think The Charmed Trilogy would be something I would like to read. I like vampires.

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Oh, you must read them...they're good stories & I really enjoyed them.

  4. I know...they're like the best! It was like a extra happy too..especially for Olivia :)

    Yeah, but I still loved the story and the characters. Plus Christine always threw some pretty neat surprises in the mix.

    thanks Ana & I cannot wait to see what you think of these stories.