VBT/Review ~ Grabbed by Vicious by Lolita Lopez

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Published: March 29, 2013
Ellora's Cave
Series: Grabbed #1
Format: eBook
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Hallie has never run so fast in her life. One of the frightening sky warriors from the warship Valiant is hot on her heels and intent on capturing her as his new bride. He takes her down and places his collar around her neck. With one word, he claims her.


Born and bred for the military, Vicious has spent the last twenty-four years rising through the ranks. This dark-haired sprite ensnared him with one glance. Now she is his reward.

Despite her fear of Vicious, Hallie surrenders under his skillful hands and mouth. Vicious makes a promise to her. If she’ll submit to him, she’ll know only pleasure and comfort. After a lifetime of hardship, his offer tempts her greatly.

One night with Hallie and Vicious feels his protective instincts flaring. He’ll do anything to make her happy and keep her safe, even if that means surrendering his heart. Though he intended to master her, Vicious realizes it may be his sweet Hallie who masters him.

Inside Scoop: Our heroine endures trials and violence with strength equal to that of her warrior mate. (She also witnesses F/F play, and endures a collar and light BDSM. Fortunately she likes that part.)

I've been wanting to read a good sci-fi romance for a while now...so thank you for giving me that Ms. Lopez.

Grabbed by Vicious starts off with a heart pounding chase and true to its title, Hallie is grabbed by this books namesake.

Did I start pre-maturely? Yes, I think I did. So just to give you a lil info. We're in the future and Hallie & her ppl who are descendants of earth (and are very old school) currently living on a planet that has a deal with Vicious's ppl (they are advanced life forms) to participate in a Grab wherein said Aliens chase women from different planets to obtain wives and then that planet gets protection from the Harcos (Vicious's ppl).

Grabbed was a fairly quick and sexxy read. I think I'm going to have to stop saying that I'm not a fan of Insta-love because in some stories, it works...it totally worked here. Vicious & Hallie barely knew each other and are suddenly man & wife. But because of the way the author wrote their characters...it was easy for these two to fall hard for one another and of course for said reviewer (me) to fall for them.

Vicious for all intent & purposes is a hard and very Alpha male, but we along with Hallie find out that he has a soft and gentle side. He like his ppl like their woman submissive and Hallie is that, but she still has spunk. I liked that about her. She was basically taken from her home, so she had every right to be angry & scared.

All & all I loved the story. The world building and characterizations were strong and enjoyable and I have to say, I'm quite excited to read about the rest of the men from this series. I mean with names like Menace, Terror, whom I'm seriously crushing in right now...something about those scarred, tortured men that turns me on...

Oh! back to those names...there's also Raze, Venom and more big bad ass scary names you can dream about. Ok...this is a funny, while reading Vicious's story, there's a Sargent named Hawk and I had to think "what...is he the normal one?" Lols.

But in all seriousness...I enjoyed Grabbed by Vicious. I thought it was cleverly written. And the erotic scenes had my blood pumping. There's some lite BDSM play that goes on and there are some BDSM things...like Hallie has to wear a collar. But its nothing to rough.

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