2013 NetGalley Knockout Challenge

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Goldilox and the Three Weres is having their NetGalley knockout challenge again this year and I decided to join up. I don't have that many Galley's, but I had so much fun last year...I just couldn't resist. Plus its a great way to get that galley list down :)

I have a total of 11 Galleys that I'm adding to this challenge (I don't plan on asking for anymore...I hope...lols)...can't wait to get started~!

Wanna join up? head on over & SIGN up!

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  1. Good luck Sharonda!! I thought about it then I realized that I only have 4 galleys haha that I just requested last weekend. I've been good about staying away from NetGalley!

  2. thanks Ning :) lols...good for you :) I've been being good too. I haven't been on in a while & when I did go, I only requested what I really want to read.

  3. Woot! Good luck! I'm right with you at 12. Trying to stay away until those are all done but oh man I saw some good ones I'd love when I submitted a review the other night. That place is dangerous! lol

  4. thanks Anna ;) & oh man is it...lols. I saw a couple too. i was sweating..lols. Thank good gravy my son called me to do something. It was a welcome distraction ;)

  5. Yay! Good luck Sharoda! I made a list of the galleys I have, and its pretty long I'm ashamed to show them xD lol for now I'm just sticking with my seven that I listed for July. That will just leave me open to read whenever I want instead of one day or every other day and stress me out xD lol

  6. lols...but I totally hear you. I think this year, I'm just going to go by my mood. I have some pretty good ones to choose from...so hopefully, I won't stress myself out & go nuts...lmbo!

  7. Lmao too true. If I went by my mood however, I would never read :( I seriously dnt know why the heel I'm in such a funk, I can't stick to a book with a damn. *sigh*

    I've opted for NOT requesting anymore galleys this year until I read what I do have, but we all know that's like asking Winnie the Pooh to give up his honey ! LOL

  8. bwahaha @ asking winning the pooh to give up his honey. yessiree, it is...lols.

    I've been in a funk too, it's really bad to be in one too *sigh*. That's why I decided to just go by mood instead of what's on my review list. I did that & that's how it started...smh. I read some good ones after I did that, but knowing me, the mood thing won't stick because I such a flake sometimes...lols



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