Review Request: The Burning Bush (Habitat #2) by Kenya Wright

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Published: September 28, 2012
Dragonfairy Press
Series: Habitat #2
Format: eBook (ARC)
Source: The Author
Authors Website
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After Dante Bottelli’s slaughter of Vamp-owned Mixbreeds, Lanore and Zulu execute a well-planned attack that hits Dante where it hurts the most—his pockets. But their attack triggers a chain of unfortunate events, and allows Detective Rivera to blackmail Lanore.

Rivera forces Lanore to investigate his case, the Burning Bush Murders. Someone's been tying girls to bushes and setting them on fire. Lanore must find the killer, or Rivera goes public with his information.

Meanwhile, Dante won't take his defeat without a fight. He counterattacks and the Santeria habitat, as well as Lanore’s and Zulu’s lives, is changed forever.

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The Burning Bush is the 2nd book in Kenya Wrights Habitat series. In her world, the Supes are treated as second class citizens. They are closed off in caged cities and life can sometimes goes from bad to worse.

This series revolves around Lenora Vesta and her life in the caged city of Santeria. We read about her relationships or lack of them with the people around her. To give you a general background, Lenora is a Mixie…a half-breed and she's a fire started. That’s right, she can put your ass on fire.

The blurb pretty much gives you a good idea of what’s going on in The Burning Bush. Lenora, her boyfriend Zulu and the rebels are at war with the highest ranking vampire family in Santeria and then to top it off, she’s being blacked-mailed by an ex-con who also happens to be a cop who in turns want her to do his job. Personally, I would have lit his ass up, but then we wouldn't have a majority of the story #thatsucks

Lenora (LaLa) - In all honesty, I don’t like her. She’s a tough chick, BUT she’s still a whiner at times. I will say her character had major growth here, but she still had the tendency to make bad decisions and not commit....mainly here --> she is working my ever lasting nerves because she can’t make her damn mind about who she “really” wants to be with. I know it may be hard to choose between two sexxy ass alpha males, but in my humble little opinion…go with the dude that didn't cheat on you for the majority of your relationship & I don't really care if he was in his season! #thatisall.

What I liked overall about the The Burning Bush was the flowing of the story; the world here molds and meshes very well together. There were still some little hiccups for me while some chapters ending with one thing and then an almost different story line picking up after…it left me a little bit confused.

The growth of all of the characters here is worth the read and I loved the addition of the new ones. I thought Zulu’s sister was just awesome and Angela was a hot ass mess, they're helping Lenora during this story bordered on just plain hysterical and exciting. Zulu is still scary sexy and MeShack…well I’m still not a fan of his.

I just adore Kenya's absolute wonderful ability to jump off the cliff when it comes to her writing. She’s not afraid give it to us all…diversity, race, religion and sex. Her world in the Habitat Series is vivid and down right terrifying…who could possibly survive it if you’re not strong enough? And guess what? I kept on reading. Also, although I’m not a fan of all of the characters (*coughs* Meshack), I loved their diversity.

Now, lets talk about the ending. I ain't gonna spill the beans, BUUTTTT it was a serious case of "WTF is Going On HERE?!" You leave me a damn cliffhanger that had me swiping my NOOK looking for extra pages and shit. Like, I’m like this with K. Wright right now…
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All & All, The Burning Bush is a good solid story and I enjoyed it very much. I would also suggest reading the first book Fire Baptized before reading this one. Although Ms. Wright gives you background on her world/characters in this story, the first book gives you a little more.

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