Review: Temptress by Lola Dodge

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Published: June 12, 2012
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Authors Website
Series: Manhattan Ten #1
Format: eBook
Source: Personal Purchase
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Kiss your powers goodbye.

Kidnapping a super-powered suspected felon from a Vegas bachelor party is another day at the office for Jenny Ray, alias Temptress. With one kiss, any naughty supe’s powers are hers. Except this time she’s caught by her mark’s boss, who’s no ordinary superhero.

It’s Thinktank, leader of the toughest hero crew around. One destroyed men’s room and near-toilet-drowning later, Jenny’s forced to steal an innocent hero’s powers.

For a super brain, Tank’s feeling pretty idiotic. First, he let Jenny close enough to get to him. Second, he’s helpless against the tide of desire that rises in him every time he kisses her. Which he’s doing a lot, since she’s trying to give him back his power—only it’s not working. As he shadows her on her various freelance casino security jobs, he realizes she’s no she-demon—she’s a time bomb. Her acquired powers are shredding her, body and soul.

As they give in to desire, a shadowy figure from Jenny’s past surfaces with a kidnapping plan of his own. Jenny will do anything—even level Las Vegas—to rescue the man she loves. But there may not be anything left of her when the dust settles.

Product Warnings
Contains high-stakes poker, high-end cocktails, and high-flying over Las Vegas skies. Never drink and fly!

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Lola Dodge has gotten my attention…now I have a super hero addiction. I need to read more….

But all of Ms. Dodge’s hero’s aren't so super, they’re flawed…painfully so. Jenny Ray aka Temptress can steal another Super’s powers with just one kiss. But it seems taking other folks powers is starting to wear on her…literally. On a night on when a job goes wrong, Temptress takes Thinktank’s (a heroes Hero) powers by mistake and the kicker is…for whatever reason couldn’t give them back.

Oh boy is she up shits creek without the paddle….

Holy fucking sexy bat drawers! I just really loved this story. There was kick ass action, funny jokes and a sexy romance between a not so hero and a “hero” hero. Temptress and Thinktank are on the same planet, but are worlds apart. Jenny Ray (that's her real name) is not a bad person....she’s assisting the police in the capture of Villains & Heroes and as a side gig, she also helping the casino’s in Vegas.

I got a lady boner for Temptress…


She's a heroine I just loved. She wasn't overly snaky and the chick was funny as hell. Tempt was just a colorful character. There’s the persona of what/or who folks think she is…sexy, dangerous, power stealing.  nightmare walking, bad ass chick. But then..there's Jenny, beneath all of that is a woman who would rather have a quiet life and if left alone.

Thinktank was a alpha male worthy of the read. He was the saneness to Temptress's crazy, even without his powers, his heat level was off the charts.


It was a wonder Jenny fell for him so quickly. He had the quiet commanding strength going on to the tenth power. And even though he “kinda sorta” fought his attraction to Tempt in the beginning, the more he was around her and saw the toll her body was taking, he couldn't help but fall for the woman underneath.

Lola Dodge’s world is cleverly written and there is just enough humor and tensionable (I know it’s not a word…lols) sexy times to keep the reader reading. This series is about the Manhattan Ten….Thinktanks gang of Heroes, but underneath the layers…we get also the stories of the women who will bring these sexy Heroes to their knees.

I say bring it on Ms. Dodge because I’m hooked!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation was totally worth it ;)

  2. Have you gotten a chance to read Ivory yet? If not you NEED to! It's even better than Temptress, if that's possible O_O

  3. I'm reading Ivory now...would have been done over the weekend, but the family came to visit. I love my family, but I really wanted to finish that book...lols

  4. Why does EVERYTHING happen in New York?! -__- lol this sounds really good, so I'm definitely in for checking it out. Love the review Sharonda. "Lady boner" always a classic ;) lol

  5. I know right...I guess the city is the hot spot, lols. Oh its really good Neyra, let me know what you think when you get a chance to read it :)

  6. Bahhh, LA is better!! ;) lol will do, are they in paperback? I'm going to have to head tothe library for any new books >.<

    ;) lol

  7. lols...LA...NY....lols.

    I checked Amazon & BN...didn't see the paperbacks just the ebook formats