Review: Whatever He Wants by Eve Vaughn

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Published: April 4, 2013
Eve Vaughn (Website)
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Format: eBook
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A broken spirit…
Having suffered through an emotionally abusive childhood, self-doubt constantly plagued the shy and reserved Noelle Greene. When she finds herself at a crossroads in her life, entering into a relationship is the last thing on her mind…until she meets James. She soon finds herself in over her head when James makes an offer not of love, but of convenience.
A fractured soul…
James Rothschild has one goal in life: to be powerful enough to overshadow his shameful past. In order to achieve his goal he clawed his way to the top of the business world, associated with all the right people, and dated women with impeccable pedigree. When he meets Noelle, she’s just what he’s looking a mistress.
Noelle is consumed by James’ commanding presence, and immediately falls for him. Though she’s willing to give him whatever he wants, will James realize Noelle is exactly what he needs before it’s too late?

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Whatever He Wants is a roller-coaster of emotions. It’s been a while since I read a book and have been so emotionally invested in its characters. Reading Noelle’s story reminded me of myself “way back when”. Eve Vaughn gave me truly realistic characters with realistic problems and oh boy did these two have their damn issues.

Noelle was young, inexperienced and oh so very insecure. Verbally abused by family, this girl who was looking for someone to love and accept her BADLY. Her innocence and naivete is what attracted James to her, but its also what lead to her being treated so dishonorably by a man who couldn't even love himself. Oh Noelle, how I wanted to slap you and then hug you…you big dummy. But we as women, we give our hearts…we lay all our cards out on the table and damn if sometimes a vulture will come along is eat your eyeballs out. Blunt? Yes, but true. Noelle knew deep down that this man she allowed to run over her heart had to have felt something for her. But because of her low self esteem, she really didn't know how deal with James and his actions towards her.

But it wasn't that James didn't love Noelle, he did…he just didn't know how to.

James…O…M…F…G! I don’t think I wanted to hurt a character as bad as this one. I just wanted to slap the living day lights out of him. He was nasty, brutal , cocky…a asshole, BUT so very damaged. And anger issues….
James didn't know how to handle his growing feelings for Noelle and that caused him to treat her badly and then eventually he drove her away. You see James wasn't a bad person, he had good qualities…he was a good person…a good man. But when life shits on you badly, you want to shit back on it. It’s just sometimes the wrong people are hurt while you’re steamrolling through it all and that what’s happened with this man in this story.

James and Noelle were both redeemable characters by the end of this story. They were both written with a complexity that made you want to gnash your teeth and pull at your hair…in essence these were frustrating characters. This story is not a easy read…it wears on your soul. Eve Vaughn made these two people hated and then loved…I booed and then rooted for them.

So you ask…if he was such a jerk and she was such a doormat, how could you rate this a 4 heel review? Why? Because this author gave me a story had me all twisted. She was able to get me to hate her hero and then empathize for him….She had me questioning her heroine wondering when she would get her head on straight and realize what was going on around her.

Her character and world building here is felt deep down to the bone. So…yes, for this...Ms. Vaughn gets a 4 heel review.

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  1. Ah, I don't know if I'll be able to read this one... I went through something similar as I'm sure we all did, and you're right, we women DO give our hearts and place our cards on the table, no games.... but these kind of relationships aren't healthy. and although I understand the innocence of the heroine and the anger of the hero, I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone fictional or not, can hurt someone who has absolutely NOTHING to do with what has been done to them. We all go through life and experience bad things, some worst than others yes, but that gives no one the right to hurt another. Maybe I'm over analysing, but my own experience keeps me from accepting this type of abuse. Still, great review Sharonda I'm glad the book and characters were redeemable and captivating for you :)

  2. I'm glad we both did! Lord knows we needed to wake up from all that negativity :)

    Well, I see your point, and you're right, as long as the characters are redeemable and grow that's all good and dandy. I do believe even in the real world people can start over. I just don't want to remember, some stories are just too close to home, ya know?

    Haha, thanks Sharonda ;) and no problem, I had to see what your final thoughts on this one were ! :D