ARC Review: Zane (The Westmorelands #25) by Brenda Jackson

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Published: July 1, 2013
Series: The Westmorelands (#25)
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Source: NetGalley
Sexual Rating: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: B&N / Amazon
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From New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson—the first of a new trilogy starring three Westmorelands who are impossible to resist: Zane, Canyon and Stern.

No woman walks away from Zane Westmoreland. But when Channing Hastings does just that, it leaves the rancher reeling—and then she returns to town, engaged! Zane will do whatever it takes to show her that there is no man for her but him.

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Zane was a good read and I like the story arc. This trilogy is part of a series (The Westmorleands), its about a family putting their lives together after the tragic lost of their parents and even though Zane is the 25th book in the series, I wasn't lost and was able to pretty much catch up on the background of these brothers, sisters and cousins.

Zane Westmoreland is one of the eldest of the clan and somewhat of an “ladies” man and loner. In others words, he plays...but does not stay. BUT, he’s always upfront with the ladies by letting them know that he’s not going to get serious and he’s pretty much just in it for the sex. That is until Channing Hastings comes along..she’s definitely not what Zane was expecting; she takes him and his heart by surprise.

Now, I loved the start to the middle of this story. It was totally engrossing and the sex scenes were hot enough to burn up my NOOK (if that’s even possible…). Anyways, I did enjoy the interaction between Zane and Channing. It was like reading an everyday relationship…the back and forth between these two was both interesting and kind of annoying. AND I say annoying because with Zane, he didn't want a true “relationship” with Channing, but he didn't seem to want her to be with anyone else either…he was arrogant enough to believe that he was the only one who could make her happy and that caused as much as problem between them as anything else. As far as Channing was concerned. To me she knew how Zane felt about relationships…YET she let herself in my opinion get that thought of “I can change him” and that was annoying in the sense that she almost expected him to expect her to be different than the rest of the women he dealt with, get what I’m saying?

Why Zane got three heels is because of that fact that it went into kind of book overkill and what I mean is this...once Zane discovered he did in fact love Channing, instead of getting maybe a little push back from Channing and then a HEA; the story switched and now she doesn't believe all. I was like wha? Huh? And her constant back and forth with herself about how she should now feel about it all was really infuriating to read. I was like come on now…the man admitted he mucked up and he’s trying to make it right and now…now you don’t believe him? Again, it just annoyed the heck out of me and I don't understand why this drawn out part of the story was added. Oh and the females in Zane’s family (really irritating).

I’m reading Canyon next in this trilogy and all I'm hoping for is a clean drawing it out.

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  1. Oh yeah that kinda drives me bonkers too. You just want to kind of yell at them to get on the same page already, right? Nook melting. LOL Those are always good though. Great review Sharonda!

  2. I know! I was like lets get this over w/ppl...lols. gah! So irritating though. Gurl, there was one scene in there that had my mouth hanging open...lmbo Thanks Anna :)