Audio Book Review: Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I’m going to try something different with my reviews and its starting with this one. Going forward, I’m not going to show the blurb/synopsis, unless its part of a book tour. I will however, link the blurb from Goodreads (should there be one). I’m starting with this one, let me know what you think.

Release Date: October 8, 2012
Series: Crossfire #2
Brilliance Audio
Length: 10 hrs. 19 mins.
Narrator: Jill Redfield
Source: Purchased (
Authors Website

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This review will be broken into to parts. Because this is a audio book, I personally feel that my thoughts on the audio and the story should be separate.

Audio Book

This is my first time listening to an audio book and I have to say I was really impressed with the Narrator Jill Redfield, her voice prompted me to give it 4 stars (as you can see my *stars* are a lil different...lols). She took on Eva’s character along with everyone else’s very very well. I actually felt like I was part of this story just listening to her. She was able to deepen her voice when it came to expressing Gideon’s and Cary’s voices. And she modified her tone to take on Eva’s mother and female friends. She totally did it for me. Ms. Redfield’s voice was passionate and sexy as hell. She gave this story all of the emotions that were needed...totally made this audio book worth the purchase.

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Now the actual story…that my dear readers is a whole “nother” thing. I was one of those who was totally blown away by the story that Ms. Day started. Bared to You was a totally engrossing story….even though Eva & Gideon had some MAJOR issues. Her ability to draw me into this world with her writing is nothing short of fantastic.

But Reflected in You, the 2nd book?…I have to say I was more annoyed throughout listening than drawn. Eva’s constant insecurities and jealousy’s was just too much for me. Every time she did something stupid, I found myself rolling my eyes in the air and muttering “she is way to old for that crap” or “what woman her age does that?”. Yes Gideon kept his secrets, but to act the way she did…it was just something I can’t imagine a 26/27 yr old woman doing. Like kissing an ex-boyfriend, just to make your new one jealous? Seriously? That’s something my teenage niece would do. And was it just me or did anyone else think that these two avoided so many things with sex? Every time, they had a argument or fight…sex to me seemed to temporarily solve the issue. Gideon… he had his problems too. His constant demands of Eva to tell him everything, while he told her things when he wanted her to know was a hindrance in this relationship. His need to control everything in Eva’s life was also bothersome. I got that he loved her, but you can’t expect someone to share their past with you when you only give what you think only needs to be given.

To conclude, in the 36 chapters of listening to this audio, I think Ms. Day could have given us the HEA that these two so desperately need instead of dragging this story out to what four books? These characters need to get it together quickly or move on from one another. I honestly don’t know where else or what else can go on with them. Will I continue with this series? No. I love Sylvia Days writing…I think she is a wonderful storyteller. But this series, I just can’t see myself going on with.

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  1. I'll have to look out for the narrator's books. I have a hard time with audio so maybe she'll be the one for me! Would be nice for cleaning and road trips :)

    Too bad about the book. I love Day's writing but haven't tried this one yet. Mainly her historicals. It does sound a bit frustrating. Hate when characters do stupid things like that. Great review though!

  2. I searched her on Audible & it looks like she pretty much does all the narrations for S. Days books. I saw a couple of other books too, I'm gonna go back & get the names.

    Gurl, let me tell you. This totally worked for me while I was at work. It's slow, so to pass time, instead of listening to my music...I listened to the audio book. Worked wonders...lols. But it would definitely work for long trips too. I hate boring voices to Anna, but I gotta say...this one was pretty good.

    Yeah, this story line just isn't working for me anymore. When characters start to irritate me, I just can't go along with it anymore. Especially if they haven't move on from the previous stuff. I love her historicals...pretty good reads. But this story needs a finish & quickly.

  3. Ah okay. I will have to search Audible. I really have only tried a couple and those were ones I found local. But man I hate cleaning and with the rescue it feels like all I do so a book being read to me? Yeah I need!

    It's hard to do a series with every book on the same couple. I've read a handful now and the only ones that seem to work are the UF/PNR ones since they always have a lot going on outside of the relationship to focus on.

  4. lmbo...I'm so with you on cleaning. But isn't it wonderful to have a book read to you? lols...yes, yes it is. I think I'm gonna try S. Kenyon's Born of Fire next, well see. Have to be careful with those precious credits that Audible gives you.

    I totally agree Anna, it's really hard when the series only resolves around one couple. They are really starting to be not for me. I think I'll just take one book, one story...that is all.

    I think series should stick w/different couples throughout a story line. I mean if you reader is really interested in that world, they'll continue to

    but this dragging out of one couples troubles...I can't do no more. There are too many books out there to read for all that drama.

  5. FIVE BOOKS, their story will be in five damn motherfucking godforsaken books!!!!! Ugrrrrr!!!!! >.<

    *hissy for over*

    Sorry, girl. Lol anyways, I'm with you that Eva SHOULD have handle so much, WAY better. I hated her a lot in this book and it sucked because I was drawn to her character a lot in BTY. I know what you mean about Gideon as well, I don't agree with keeping secrets, but had Eva trusted him like she claimed she did, she would have known that he'd let her know when he was ready. Trust isn't easy for either of these characters, but it takes some people a lot longer to give as much as they take. And it pissed me off, truly because Gideon did so much for her and she paid him back with bullshit ass excuses, lies and, excuse my French, but hoe ass moves like kissing the ex, then being a jealous bitch over, Melissa(?) Or whoever his ex lover was. I mean, I get we as women get insecure and all but damn, if he's with you he's with YOU! Shit, show them other hoochies who's top Bitch, don't shoe them you're insecure and about to have a crying fit, cause them girls don't play, they'll pounce as soon as they get the chance.

    Ahh, rant over I swear!!! xD LOL this book and the first just elicit so much out of me. I loved your review girly and I'm with you about Day expanding the series, *sigh* I think the reason I haven't gotten the third, besides $$$, is because I really don't want to go through another rollercoaster ride when they could have just patched things up and called it a great love story in book three. Smh :(

  6. I heard there would be five books and I just think that is stupid...she's gonna loose a lot of readers. Dragging this story out is just a bad thing move....I really can't take reading/listening to Eva anymore.

    I totally agree with you about Gideon, he did way too much for her to be acting the way she did. He never did anything that bad to elicit the responses she gave him...I believe her mother was the one who told her "he gives you his time and money and it still isn't enough" I was like OMFG!!..somebody finally said it. He was slowly giving her what she needed, but this ho' was just too damn impatient. And that constant looking for everyone's approval on why she was with Gideon? that shit grated on my nerves too.

    Honestly there is nothing else she can give me that would make me continue with the series. Especially If Eva is going to be as irritating as she is now...I just can't. Find a way to trust your man or leave him the fuck alone.

    lols..its okay about the rant. My review was going to be one, but I was like let me take my ass to sleep and think on this one before I start writing...that's how emotional I was. She stated in the beginning that this would a trilogy and now it's open ended? Bet you bottom dollar, she is going to ruin this story by doing this. Even Gideon won't be able to save it...

    I can't see myself continuing with these serials revolving around one couple...If authors/publishers are going to start this with these serials by making it an opened-ended story, then this reader isn't buying. This dragging out of an story just to get in your readers pocket isn't right & I can't support an author who does that. Respect your readers.

  7. haha wow Neyra's post is scary. I didn't bother reading this. Eva was too insecure for me in the first book. And your review only proved that I was right in not reading about her insecurities and childish behavior. Now that Silvia Day is dragging this story out as much as possible, I just don't care anymore

  8. Oh, but she already has! Within the first week of the book's release on Amazon there were hundreds of reader reviews starting their disappointment in both SDay and the characters! I was she'll shocked. Usually this series gets flowing reviews in the beginning... but do much this time. Smh.

    I loved her mother for that. She may be a little cold and money motivated, but she was dead on where EVA was concerned with Gideon. And yes, I doubt even Gideon can save this relationship, because"there is still so much to work through". WTF, like what? He.... Ah I don't want to spoil the ending!! LOL but you know what he did for her and she told him of his past, what more does she wasn't? His blood?!! The bitch! >.<

    Sadly I'm with you on that one girl. I'm still going to try out her other books, but Crossfire, is now of limits for me, well, after I put in my two scenes of book three anyways. Lol

  9. Lol sorry Ning!! xD I had a MINOR meltdown :P

  10. bwhaha...minor? lols. Girl, you went it...I like it!

  11. lmbo...can't wait to see what you say about book three then...rotfl!.

    I don't have the patience for the back & forth I said, find a way to trust him or leave his ass alone. I think Gideon's big *di*** has her coocoo for cocoa puffs...ROTFL!!!!

  12. Lols...Neyra went in...gotta love her for that :)

    I will admit that my draw to this story is Gideon. Hes a very complex character I would like to explore more but Eva is just someone I just cant go on with. As intruiging as Gideon is...he cant distract me enough from Eva's annoying self.

    So Im done

  13. I don't know if I'd be able to hold my tongue, or my sanity D: lol

    Bwahahaha!!! I second that, but only because he's got me cuckoo for coco puffs too xD lmfaoo!!

    OMG, yes, ! I saw that too, and I'm shocked beyond reason. Smh,

  14. Yes, minor! *sheepish grin* at least you liked it!! *g*

  15. Lmbo! Hes got us all coocoo for it...lols