I love Riddick...

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When I first saw Pitch Black, I thought it was one of the best sci-fi movies I've ever seen and Vin Diesel wasn't bad eye candy at all. Then I had to wait for the longest for The Chronicles of Riddick to come out, I wasn't too impressed..but it was still a good movie.

And now...the 3rd installment is almost here. I found this motion comic on FB. Vin Diesel published it on his page (and yes, I follow the man...who wouldn't?).

I cannot wait for this movie..I'm dragging somebody with me, lols.

PhotobucketSignature title photo gickrcom_32a5e980-d363-ce54-fd56-fbdb533c554f_zps59129ca9.gif


  1. I can't wait to see the 3rd movie!! I think I saw Chronicles of Riddick before Pitch Black, but either way, I love Vin Diesel!!

  2. lols...I'm so in love with him...hotness I tell you! OMG! I cannot wait for this movie release. Riddick is like my all time sci-fi fantasy man (along with Captain Kirk...lols!)

  3. I know what you mean!! I'm gna have to fight you for both of them, but definitely Riddick!!

  4. Riddick is the man...omg, his voice! Lawd, I need a fan!



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