I read It, but....Did not Review it ~ A Vine Story

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ever read a book that was really good, but you didn't get a chance to review it. You still want your friends to know the awesomness that was "that" book? Well, it happens to me all the time. I've read some really good books and for whatever reason, didn't review here at SR. So I thought I share with you some of those books. Not sure if this will be a weekly post yet...just trying it out :0

So...what book did I read, but didn't review here at SR?...we'll if you're quite nosy like myself, you won't have to go digging...cuz I'm going to tell you. I also decided to get a little creative. Have you guys heard of Vine? it's a moblie app (owned by Twitter) that lets you do a 6 second video. Instagram now has this too now (15 seconds), BUT 1) Vine lets you embed your videos...HOLLA!  SO!...anyways. I thought I try a little something...what you think?

First book up is.....

Zach Barrows is an ambitious young White House staffer whose career takes an unexpected turn when he's partnered with Nathaniel Cade, a secret agent sworn to protect the President. But Cade is no ordinary civil servant. Bound by a special blood oath, he is a vampire. Cade battles nightmares before they can break into the daylight world of the American dream, enemies far stranger-and far more dangerous-than civilians have ever imagined.
Blood Oath is the first in a series of novels featuring Nathaniel Cade-the President's vampire
Man, let me tell you...there is nothing like a mean and sexxy vamp. I mean...how can you not like this guy? He protects Presidents for goodness sake! Cade had my *coughs* panties wet. He was one hot dead vamp! But he was serious about his shit...he embodied a vamp. In a word...dude was scary. But I have a few hinges loose...so scary ain't so bad for me...lols!

Got a thing for hot vamps...I think you should check this one out.

I also #tweeted this...so if you see it again *clears throat* that was a test  of sorts.

Lata Days Loves!

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  1. Oh geez I have a whole slew of these. I draft up reviews and just never get back. I've got like 90 of them sitting in there. lol

    Hadn't heard of this one but damn. Sounds good to me! And oh I do love his name. I have a weakness for heroes that have my last name. ::snort::

  2. Wow Anna...90? Yeah, I wouldn't go back...lols. goodness woman!

    Omg....the man was hot, I tell you. Ah...he does have ur last name, nice!

  3. Yup. They sit there. They mock me. I slowly work my way through them. Just posted a Jan book in June. smh. ::snort:: one day I'll get em all. Or have to re-read. lol

  4. I've heard really good things about this!! Oh, and I found that it's almost cathartic to me to now have to write a review after reading a book. I like to read just to read without worrying about blogging things!

  5. Hey Ning!

    its fun...I haven't Vined a lot yet, I only have 2 videos up so far...lols.

    I know right..especially with my personal reads. Some of my personal reads, I'll review here, but yeah...like you I like to read for the love of reading & not worrying about reviews. :)

  6. I love a mean vamp and I know what it is to lack time to review ! Thanks ;)