Review: Released (The Mackay's #1) by Kerrigan Bryne

Published: February 25, 2013
Ardent Publishing
Series: The Mackays #1
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Source: Personal Purchase (Freebie via Amazon)
Sexual Rating: R - Strong Sexual Content
Available: Amazon
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She's become a Banshee, screaming for vengeance...

The last thing Katriona remembers about her life is her violent death. Now, in order to rest, she must avenge her family, which means eliminating the last of the corrupt MacKay Lairds. But her Banshee scream doesn't kill him, and the more she tries, the harder it becomes to resist the wicked temptation he poses.

He's cursed for the crimes of another...

None of the many sins staining Laird Rory MacKay's soul warrant the wailing Banshee in his bedroom. With a clan divided, an impending marriage, and whispers of a dark curse threatening the livelihood of his people, Rory doesn't have the time - or the heart - to face the specter of the one woman he's spent the last year trying to forget.

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I was interested in reading one of these books ever since I saw Amanda P’s review over at Where The Night Kind Roam. She spoke of Berserkers and well…that got my interest peaked. Released doesn't have Berserkers in its tale, but there is a Banshee or should I say Banshee’s. Released is part of the book bundle Reclaimed which contains all three books in the series, the Mackay’s and this story is Katroina’s. Eldest of the Banshee sisters, she sets out to get her revenge on the family that brutally murdered hers.

This story takes off as it starts out with Katroina about to do Rory Mackay in, but for some reason he doesn't fall under her Banshee scream. Frustrated and angry, she stalks away vowing to return to finish the job. But she soon discovers that Rory is just a little different and can’t be killed so easily.

Hello! What a screaming way to start my historical romance reading. Add a bad ass Banshee, a tough as nails Laird and then throw in some witches, druids and oh! Lets not forget the Highlands. What we have people is story that is totally addictive. What Kerrigan Bryne gives us is a world that is engrossing and characters that are captivating….I LOVED the shit out of this story.

Katroina was hell bent on getting her revenge for her family, but she also had to fight her attraction to Rory. Her struggle as she warred with herself was very interesting to read. You almost wanted to dislike her because she was so single minded, but she wasn't just some crazy ghost going around scaring Rory's clan..after all his clan was her clan as well. So beneath the anger, there where still feelings for innocents.

Rory was just wow. Here we have this big brawny Laird...this man that is trying to rebuild his clan, land and family’s name. And then the woman he loves shows up as a screaming Banshee ready to kill him...smh, what a downer. But he was ready to die for his families sins…Rory was a good man, I mean the guy was the capital H in honorable.

I can't say that I disliked anything in this book, but I did wish there was more information given on Rory's whereabouts when his father and brother were going around terrorizing the Highlands & their own clan. But that is probably my fault, because after a little searching, I see that there is another series (The MacLauchlan's) before this there might be a little more details given there.

Kerrigan Bryne is a new to me author and I have to say, I will be adding her to by author auto buy list. She writes totally fascinating historical tales and I just love how she throws in those old world boogeymen & woman…totally gripping. I’m off to read the next book in the series Redeemed. All of the books are novellas and as interesting as these stories are, they will definitely be quick reads.

**I got the bundle via Amazon Free...make sure you check the price before you buy :)

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