Review Request ~ Sex, Life, and Hannah: Volume 2, Spring Season by Dorota Skrzypek

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Published: June 14, 2012
The Adventures of Hannah
Series: Sex, Life & Hannah #2
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Hannah feels him stir. Holding an ice pack to her swollen face and
stuck in a hospital elevator is not how she envisioned running into The Ex. She assesses the situation: Is she still in love with him? Is he still in love with her? They start kissing, then petting, then heavy petting, until she can feel his growing hardness against the inside of her thigh...

The Spring Season is a continuation of Hannah’s fall from perfect twenty-something grace. Hannah’s run-in with The Ex is more about icing her nose than melting her heart. She seems to be making all the wrong decisions about all the right men; rejecting the doctor who makes her vagina quiver for Mr. Smyth who turns out to be tall, dark, and sophisticated...with just one problem. The unexpected twists would drive any woman to the opposite side of nice girl, which is exactly what happens to Hannah. But a bad girlcan have some fun along the way.

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Hannah has met a new man (or so she thinks…) and he excites her…gets her interest back in the world of men. Especially after the horrid break-up with her Ex. The Spring Season while I thought was a hysterical read was also a story of lessons learned and also forgotten.

This story of a young woman and her attempt at finding romance is relatable. Hannah isn't getting her HEA…what she’s ending up with is a Ex who can’t seem to decide if Hannah is right for him, the “one” who she thinks may be the “one”, but turns out to definitely not to be, a christian doctor who seems to be the perfect prince charming, but isn't exactly what Hannah wants right now, a neighbor who "shoots" just a little to quickly and then there’s her boss who a girl just wants to have fun with.

I loved the way the author set this story up. Reading through The Spring Season was almost like reading a magazine, it made for a very fun reading experience. Hannah and her friends were funny as usual, but I also liked the fact that there serious undertones added along with the humor. This continuation of Hannah’s story…the story of a twenty-something working gal is really just a story of a woman looking for her Mr. Right, someone to spend her forever with. The “one” as Hannah puts it…that she knows for sure is out there just for her. But in Hollywood, CA…she can’t find him for the life of her.

Sex, Life and Hannah is the perfect beach/weekend read. It’s quick and will have you gut busting laughing along the way.

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  1. Oh this sounds sweet. Great review Sharonda :) maybe I'll pick this up a soon as I pay my library debt xD lol I have so many books to check out. I love that Hannah is twenty something, my age. She's relatable, and yeah, love in Hollywood is NOT easy! :O

  2. it really is & funny as all get out. You'll enjoy it :)

    I kept saying as I was she really think she'll find love in that town?! But she was definitely a trooper...I'll give her that

    thanks for stopping through Neyra

  3. Thanks so much for the review, glad you enjoyed the read!

  4. Can't give up on love, no matter how bad it seems ;)
    You're welcome Hon :D