Series Review: Ward of The Vampire by Kallysten

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Published: Feb. 28th (book 1) March 14th (book 2) July (Book 3) 
Series: Warden of the Vampire
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Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
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This is one addictive series…I’m totally hooked and its all Liz @ Fictional Candy’s fault. I saw her reviews for these books and just loved them. It wasn't just her written words that drew me in, it was the covers too…very sexxy. The Ward of the Vampire series if you have not read it, is a collection of novella’s revolving around Angelina and her very reluctant warden Morgan Ward. 

When I say I literally read all three books in one day…I really did. The story-line was very good and quite interesting. I mean to be held basically captive in a sexy vampires house…wait I mean mansion. I don’t know if a girl should be happy or mad as hell. 

But in Angelina’s case…she’s mad until she starts falling in love with her unwilling warden. 

This story? wow. I don’t even know what to say really. I just absolutely loved it. It all starts with Angelina being “compelled” not to leave Morgan Ward’s house on the night of his big birthday bash by his sister…her boss. I mean she literally CANNOT leave this man’s house and if she does…she dies! And folks, it all kind of takes off from there. Angelina finds out that vampires really do exist and as scared as she is…she's very attracted to Morgan and he's attracted to her too.

In books 1&2, Angelina and Morgan are trying to feel one another out. They’re both in a situation where they have no control over whats happening to them and it’s seriously wearing on both their nerves. The tension between these two was ridiculously thick. And O...M...F..G! those hot sex scenes that were only…shit I can’t tell. But let me just say this, if "I" was Angelina, I would NOT be too happy either...well maybe satisfied, but definitely not happy!

With the first two books, I was Angelina’s champion because Morgan was…no, he is something of ass towards her...the girl couldn't seem to get on this mans good side. But by the time I got to the third book where her parents (who basically force themselves on her and NYC) come to visit her, I have to say that I was on team Morgan...I thought Angelina switched roles. To me she became that little boy in your third grade class who likes you “a whole lot”, but doesn't know how to handle it, so he picked fights with you? Yup…that’s what I thought of her. I know she was frustrated because things aren't exactly going her way..but to be acting all stank? ..not cool man…not cool. Morgan didn't do an exact 360 with his attitude, but he was way nicer to her than she was towards him. 

There is more to this story that you dear reader will have to “read” to find out. Even I have questions with lots of unanswered answers. What game are Delilah (Morgans crazy “sister’) & maker call themselves playing? what point are they trying to prove? I found out that their ultimate plan is to…nawh, wait I can’t tell you..hehehe. Read the books..yeah, I just did that. The books are short and super fast to get though and hell, they’re all .99 cents. 

Now I have to wait until October read what happens next with our reluctant couple. And as impatient as I can be, I can’t wait…I need to know now. So Kallysten, you need to push the release date a little further up. Am I being pushy? Maybe, but damn…this series is like good weed. Got you all relaxed, but paranoid as hell to get your hands on more!

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