AudioBook Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Published: May 7, 2013
Simon & Schuster Audio
Length: 13 hrs 53 mins
Narrator: Heather Smith
Source: Purchased (
Sex: PG/R - Sexual Situations
Authors Website
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The actress was great…she was another one I was really impressed with. Again, the right pitches were used in the correct places. Heather Smith read this story perfectly.

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The stoy of Wallbanger started out fantastic. It was funny as hell and I really enjoyed the going on’s between Caroline and Simon especially when she pounded on his door after her George Clooney fantasy was ruined…that shit was funny. The sexual tension between these two neighbors was thick! Like the fog in San Francisco thick. I wanted them to hurry up and do the damn deed damnit! They were killing me! Still, I thought the characters were hysterical…hell even the secondary ones had their moments and the story arc itself was quite enjoyable.

So why the 3 heels you ask? Well, I felt like the story was a little drawn out. There was so much filler in between that by the time Caroline and Simon did do “it” the time she was finally able to get the big "O" back, frankly I was bored. Shoot, even the damn ending was longer than the red sea . *Sigh* so yes, very enjoyable story with very likeable and sexxy characters…Wallbanger is a great summer read. But the in-between marshmallow was just too overwhelming.

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