Quote-tastic #2 - Do I have to Bust a Cap in Someone's Ass?.....

Monday, August 12, 2013

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Fangs is part of erotic shifter series I read over the weekend. The stories are pretty dang on good & hot to boot. These three shifter brothers are some sexxy, mean mofos but their women? kick ass man..kick ass!

Tee drew her other side-arm and took a few steps forward, her arms extended straight.

"Listen up, I will bust a cap in the ass of the next wolf who tries to jump us. So you may want to ask yourselves, are you feeling froggy?"

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  1. HAHA Thats a good on! I'll have to look these up!


    Where the Night Kind Roam

  2. Bwahah I love that! The cover kinda freaks me out-- snakes ::shudder::-- but I think I'm gonna have to suck it up and try it :) Thanks for sharing about it!

  3. ahh Sharonda!! I wish I could join up on this meme! I can't even access my blog ;( Thank gawd you're using Disqus! lol. Love the quote, definitely makes me want to read this book!


  4. lmbo! I loved that scene when I read it. Ikr, Im so not a fan of snakes...they creep me the hell out. But Tee is a snake shifter. I wiah they would have put Myka"s wolf on the cover.

  5. Lols..gurlthese shifters were too much....I loved em' ;)

  6. Ana! Gurl where u been? I missed ur crazy self :)

    I love disqus...so much easier to use. U cant access ur blog? Wth! I know blogger was blocking blog like a month ago, I hope urs wasnt effected. So ur coming back?

    This one wasnt as intense as the first book, but it was still good as hell :)

  7. I know...the author went old school on me, ROTFL!

  8. Lol, I like this quote! Sounds like a fun read.

  9. oh yes...I would take her with my everywhere, lols.

  10. it really was...these gals had me in snitches.

  11. haha I'm already in love with this woman! Sounds like a great read!

  12. lols...yes! But Tee was way more calmer than Fre & Nix...if thats even possible :)

  13. AAAH. I've been around, just can't get into my blog. ;(

    So, when I made my blogger account, I put in my phone number (you know that whole protection thingy) So, anyway, when I log into blogger, I get a text with a confirmation code on my phone and then I have to put that code in to get into my blog (I guess it's a google account thing) anyway, my phone has been off for a few months, so I can't get a confirmation code. ;( Therefore I am not blogging atm. But I'm glad I can leave comments on blogs with Disqus! ^_^ Just not blogger ;(

    Yeah, I'm back at .blogspot.com but I'm gonna switch it back to my .com my year .com was up and I didn't pay it (because I can't get into the blog) lol.

    Ahh, intense.. EEK. I think that's what I need. I'm currently reading a book that is kinda slow and laid back and borderline annoying (the heroine) but.. hey, it's still good. At least... that sexy men in the book ;) xD

    <333 Ana♥

  14. oh okay...yay! I've been seeing you around FB, but didn't know if you were fully back. but I'm so happy you are :)

    stupid Google..sometimes they just work your nerves with the things that they do. I hope you get it all resolved soon. I so happy you can comment at least of Disqus...damn its good for something huh? lmbo!

    man I dislike annoying heroine's..been seeing them way too much in books lately...especially these dog on contemporary romances (might have to take a break from those..lols). At least we can always count on a sexxy man *sigh* they are the reason I keep on reading :0