Quote-tastic #3 - The Case of the Exes....

Monday, August 19, 2013

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Today's quote is from the 2nd book in M.J. Kanes Butterfly Memoirs series.....

Yasmine held her glass high. "I propose a toast."

"okay," I mirrored her action.

"To our bastard and bitch exes. I hope wherever they are, they realize they fucked up when they screwed us over." Firm resolve echoed the steel of her eyes.

"Interesting choice of words; I second that." We clinked glasses and watch each other as we drank. Neither of us sipped.

Zachariah & Yasmine ~ Jaded

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  1. First, that cover is spectacular. I never thought I could see a laptop made to look sexy, but that book just did it. And yeah! Screw them exes! I just looked up the book, sounds good!!

  2. Right? I thought the same thing Liz...very sexxy indeed. Its really good. MJ Kane has written a very interesting story, cant wait to see hownthis one turns out.

  3. Awesome quote. Love that they drank not sipped.

  4. thanks Capri :)...wasn't that awesome though?

  5. Bwaha now *that* is a toast! lol I'm liking them already :)

  6. Lmbo...I love it :) yep....that is a toast!

  7. haha love the toast!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. lols...it was a funny one.

    thanks for stopping through Ning.