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Today's quote is from Stern, book #27 in Brenda Jackson's Westmorelands series. Can't say that I was a "particular" fan of these books, but Stern is coming out okay and I just loved this quote. Thought it was cute & sexxy all at the same time.

He finally released her mouth, then leaned in and kissed around her lips several more time, inhaling her scent and feeling her quiver in his arms. And just like with those other kisses, she had again followed his lead. She'd kissed him back just now in a way that made him want to kiss her that much.
"Hmmm?" he said as he continued to place soft kisses around her mouth.
"Why are you kissing me?"
"Because I want to"
He hadn't said it to be smart. He was being completely honest with her. So he decided to carry that honesty a little further. He pulled back slightly and touched her chin with the tip of this finger, tilting it up to give her another full kiss on the lips. "In case you haven't figured it out yet, JoJo, there's something happending between us that I don't think either of use expected." ~ Stern & JoJo

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