Review: Canyon by Brenda Jackson (Westmorelands #26)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Usually my reviews don’t contains spoilers, but with this one I just feel like I have to get it all out. So lovelies if you don’t like spoilers, I suggest you stop right here. Oh and this isn’t going to be a pretty review's about to get fugly up in here.

Published: August 1, 2013
Harlequine Desire
Series: The Westmorelands #26
Sex: PG/R - Medium/Strong Sexual Content
Source: NetGalley
Authors Website
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Let’s start with the premise of this one okay. Now Canyon Westmoreland (his parents named dude after the Grand Canyon & good lord don’t ask why…) and Keisha Ashford were dating before she left town. Homegirl left because she “thought” she busted Canyon cheating on her with her best friend. And I say thought because she came back from a business trip early and caught her friend Bonita in her bed nekkid and Canyon coming out of the shower. Okay…okay, that looks suspicious I ain’t even gonna lie. BUT, when he explained to her that he was just as shocked as she was and that nothing happened; who does Keisha believe? Hmmmmm *taps chin*….her best friend, her so called best friend.

Okay…let’s just take a pause here. ONE, this is a contemporary romance and now a-days chicks just DO NOT pack up their shit and leave….no oh no, that right there is a fighting scene okay? Because it should have went like “Bitch, I’m about to fuck you up!” Then after kicking said bitches butt and calmly throwing her ass out of my house THEN I would have confronted my man. He would have gotten a earful, but I would have at least attempted to listen to what he had to say.

This dummy, no. Because her father left her mother and didn’t believe Keisha was his, she doesn’t trust easily. Okay, I can get down with that, but this is a man you love…who loves you and you don’t believe him at all? Especially when he has never given you any reason not to trust him? WTF?!

And then she does the most trifling thing I dislike. She has his goddamn baby and doesn’t tell him. Why? because she feels like he ruined the trust between them (give me a fucking break!) that he didn’t need to know he had a son, he lost that right when he broke her trust. ARE…YOU….FUCKING…KIDDING…ME?! Now the kid is two years old, this fool comes back to town because her job in Texas didn’t work out and she’s been back in Denver for 10 months and she still didn’t tell Canyon about his son. She runs into him constantly because their both lawyers and they work together sometimes AND SHE STILL REFUSED TO TELL HIM.

So Canyon is going bat shit crazy trying to get this dumb broad to talk to him, but she’s avoiding him like the plague so he figures you know what I’m just going to follow her home and confront her there. AND that ladies & gents is when dude finds out he has a son. Keisha is picking Beau up from daycare and Canyon sees the little boy for the first time and of course they look alike…yada, yada, yada. So he confronts her there and boy is he pissed and has every right to be. And SHE's mad because now he wants in on his son's life!
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So something goes down & they find out that Keisha is being stalked, so now her and Beau have to stay with Canyon at his home until they find out who it is and what is going on. This fool worked my nerves because even to this day Canyon is telling her nothing happened between him and Bonita and she still doesn’t believe him. The kicker is that they can’t  even get the truth out of the lying scheming tramp because she died in a car accident. So Keisha feels she justified in her feelings even though her own mother told her its not right.

Eventually they find out that Bonita was indeed lying when they run across her ex-fiance’ who in turn tells them that Bonita had split personalities (seriously though?) and that’s why she would do the vindictive things that she did…it was the other Bonita that did it. She was suppose to tell Keisha, but of course the accident happened. So after they find this out you would think that her and Canyon can move on right? Oh no because little miss thing starts with the guilt trip on no other than herself. That’s right, even though Canyon has forgiven her and he tells her that he still loves her and he want a family with her and Beau. This girl say she can’t because she doesn't trust herself

*head muthafucking desk*
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Canyon’s frustrated…I’m frustrated and I swear I wanted to do bodily harm and shake the shit out this woman! I wish Canyon would have shaked the shit of her. But he leave his own house in the middle of the damn night to give them both some time to think on things. This is where we find out who is stalking her and low and behold it’s a co-worker who in some warped way think Keisha is at fault for all the wrong crappy crap he did in his own life. Like cheat on his wife with Bonita and oh yeah…its Keisha’s fault that he didn’t get that partner job too. He’s sitting outside of Canyon's house and sees him he goes and confront Keisha with his misguided ass thoughts….ugh!!!!!!!!!!

So while Canyon is at his brothers house thinking things through, he gets a call from the sheriff and they brainstorm, he figures out who Keisha’s stalker is and heads back home just in time to see Keisha going at it with dude…so Canyon knocks him out and they call the police. Homeboy is arrested.

Keisha realizes while fighting off cray cray that maybe she should be more forgiving....that she shouldn’t feel guilty about things she can't control and blah, blah the fuck blah.

So folks we get a happy ending, Canyon and Keisha get married, she forgives herself, her father and life at Westmoreland goes on. I wasn’t really excited about it…just wanted it to be over.

As you can see, I was not a fan of this particular story in the series, it was not for me AT ALL. I dislike any character that sees in black & white…that are so focused on what they feel is right that they can’t see past their own shit. This was Keisha. I like characters that grow throughout a story like Canyon did…Keisha didn’t. So even though I liked one character…the other one just made it difficult to connect with the story as a whole. Plus the other plot lines of Bonita having multiple personailites and the co-worker who had issues with Keisha I felt just didn't jive.

Brenda Jackson, I love your writing and I‘m not knocking you as a writer. It’s very obvious this story drew some emotions out of me, but damn it, it got under my skin. I’m on to the next one…Stern’s (Canyon’s brother) story, Lawd…I hope its better. Because I wasn’t crazy about Zane’s and this one has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Please let Stern be better. After Stern, I might have to give the Westmoreland’s a break because whew! This family goes through it.

No lovelies, no music inspired song for this one. I was just too damn frustrated.

Thank you Harlequin for graciously letting me read Canyon.

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  1. This is the best review I've read for any book in a long time - i love it. First, I doubt I would have picked up the book because the cover does nothing for me. But you're right - women don't run off, they handle business. Or at least the awesome ones do :) I had a blast reading this. Great job!

  2. thanks Liz ! :) I glad you like it <3

    I know the cover isn't that appealing, but I love this series. Exactly, gurl it would have been hair pulled, weaves flying...something! Heffa would have been walking around with TWO black eyes..lols. But you're right the awesome one handle their biz.

  3. Bwahahaha! I love the Nene Leakes, GIF. I love/hate that woman!

    I'm not a big fan of western romance, cowboys and the frontier don't appeal to me. Entertaining review though so even if you didn't like it, I'm still happy you read it for the review alone

  4. lol...I love Nene! She be starting trouble & stuff, but oooh she so damn getto..lols!

    I just started getting into them & I have to say she doesn't go to heave with the cowboy theme.

    thank you my dear..thank you :)

  5. ::snort:: oh damn Sharonda. lol I can't stop giggling. Okay yeah I'd want to do damage to her. And what the hell is it with men going after women like that. smh. oy. okay this one is so not going on my reads list. I like my walls too much and am too lazy to have to repaint and got a feeling this book would fly across the room way too hard.

  6. lmbo...I had to woosah a couple of times. I just dont get why me fall for these fools. I mean he forgave her...was willing to just say fuck it and move on and this dummy *sigh*

    Yeah, if u value your stuff dont read this one..your blood pressure will be up! Ive been mad at characters before but never to the point where I wanted to do bodily harm...lols

  7. lmbo...I had to woosah a couple of times. I just dont get why men fall for these fools. I mean he forgave her...was willing to just say fuck it and move on and this dummy *sigh*

    Yeah, if u value your stuff dont read this one..your blood pressure will be up! Ive been mad at characters before but never to the point where I wanted to do bodily harm...lols