Review: Kuma & Fangs (Pack Rulez 2 & 3) by Kassanna

Monday, August 12, 2013

This review will combine both books 2 & 3 in Kassanna's Pack Rulez series.

Published Dates
Kuma: March 6, 2013(book #2 Blurb)
Fangs: July 13, 2013 (book #3 Blurb)
Sugar & Spice Press
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
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Available: B&N / Amazon
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Kuma picks up where Scar left off and Fangs kind of sorta finishes this tale of three shifter brothers who are head of a pack of battle werewolves. This story of wolves not looking/but finding their intended mates was just fun to read.

Kuma is Boris’s story and he is a bear shifter that was adopted into this werewolf pack after his mom was killed my hunters when she was searching for food. Being that Boris is technically the eldest of the brothers, he was supposed to be Alpha but passed on the job because he didn't like the politics of being "said" the position went to Scar who is 2nd oldest (see my review for his story). Now that there is a war on the fringes between the Volkshire’s & another pack, Boris who is a sentential has been called back home to protect his nephew Keen who is Scar’s son and of course defend his pack and home. But this self proclaimed bachelor falls heavily for his brothers new mate best friend and the problem is that Nix is skittish; something of a commitment-phobe…Boris has to convince her that he’s worth keeping. Nix was a little firecracker…no, she was more like a cherry bomb, a big boom in a little package. She was this little thang, but would AND could kick ass with the best of them. You see Nix is falling for Boris too, but she’s not use to people showing her affection (especially the stalkerish kind of affection Boris shows…lols). But Boris would not be denied, so his continued efforts in pursuing Nix were fun to read.

Fangs is Myka’s story and he's the "little brother". Believe it or not, he is the calmest of the three. Myka is the packs liaison between this council that is pretty much head of all shifters and he pretty much handles the family business. He’s the one that will attempt to talk sense first whereas Scar & Boris just want to get it over and kill errbody, which sometimes isn't a bad thing. But Myka was not to be under-estimated...AT ALL, reading his book proved this. Now Myka’s deal is that he doesn't want a mate (or so the thinks...), he’s seeing what it is doing to his brothers (making them all sappy & stuff) and he’s like “man fuck that…nope, not doing it” EVEN though he knows that Tee is his intended mate. So what does he do? He avoids her like she has the cooties or something. Why do men do that? I mean *and not that I would tell him to his face* but grow a pair Myka...seriously! Man up dude! I see why Scar & Boris kept messing with him all the time, lols. Tee is a snake shifter who has been sent by her Alpha to assist the Volkshire pack in protecting Fre, Nix & Keen. She’s attracted to Myka right off the back, but doesn't really push the issue because he’s being an ass about himself. But they suddenly get thrown together when they are sent on a ambassador trip to Tee’s hometown in Texas to get other shifters to unite w/the Volkshire pack because now the Council is basically fucking with them because Scar & Boris mated with humans. These two shifters will find out that their attraction for one another cannot be denied.

Both Kuma & Fangs were not as intense as Scar and even though Boris & Myka pretty much held their own, I’m still a Scar girl…that werewolf can man handle me anytime, LMBO!

The stories for these two brothers were still good however and they had the same elements of Scar. I liked the fact that Kassanna kept the story-line going throughout all three books while still focusing on each brothers romance. There is still that crazy humor which goes on between the couples and the brothers themselves which I totally loved as well as all the drama. Plus the bonus you get is reading about three sexxy shifter brothers whom are these loving…caring dudes, but will pretty much tear your ass apart if you mess with their pack or mates. There is a closeness between Scar & his brothers that I just adore reading about, it made them very relatable even though they were sometimes scary as shit.

I will say that I did not like the way Fangs ended. I felt like we were kind of left hanging in the wind..just blowing out there so to speak. I mean what of this war that is suppose to go down? Will Roman eventually get his hands on Keen? Will Scar and his brothers find out that they might have a bastard Uncle who is cra cra? Lots of questions not answered. I hope Kassanna picks up this story-line in the spin off she’s doing as it would be really sad not find out how things end for Scar and his family…it’s so damn entertaining. There was also a lil repetitiveness throughout the books that I caught, but it wasn't bad…it was mainly with some of the sex scenes.

So if you do decide to pick this series up, start with Scar only because there are details given in each book that you can’t miss. Like how I discovered that Myka & Scar are twins…fraternal ones. Goodness, what I would not give to be the cheese in between that sandwich! Besides all of the books are novellas, so you will breeze right through them. Also the price for each book is $3.99, but I thought it was worth it. I only listed it because I know some ppl don’t like to pay over a certain amount for the length of an eBook…I’m right there with them on that one, but again, I thought these books were worth the buys.

I really did enjoy this series of battle werewolves finding their mates and it was a perfect add to my new reading addiction which is interracial romances. So, more than likely you will see more reviews and stuff for these types of romances. And it’s not like you white girls aren't my thing anymore…you are & I love you girls…ya’ll crazy. But you know as a black woman, it’s nice to read stories where the heroines/heroes look like me…well maybe not so much the heroes…lmbo.

I know this was a long review and if you read the entire thing…thank you so much!

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  1. Ahhh I love bear shifters! It sounds like a really great series. I'm not so sure about the snake shifter bit though. Gah. Snakes freak me the heck out. I'm gonna have to man up like Myka. lol

  2. U will love Boris..all 7 plus ft of him. Just sexxy I tell u :)

    Oh, we are so on the same page, snakes are creepy things *shivers* dont like nothing that can move faster than me....nope. But I manned up..lols, it was worth it...lols!

  3. Alright big girl panties...check! I can do this. I really can. lol I'll probably have to sleep with the lights on though. ::snort:: there was a snake in our yard a couple weeks ago and gah I'm still kinda freaked over it. Boris though I can so handle him. That's a whole lotta sexy going on.

  4. lmbo! put em on gurl...lols!

    I saw your post on FB, girl I would have had a heart attack if I saw it. I don't blame you, I would be checking around my constantly that for sure.

    Yes, Boris is hot! She really made where any of them could have been alpha, but I liked that Boris & Myka kinda stepped to the side so that Scar (I swear thats his nick name..just can't remember his real one..lols) can be Alpha.