Review: On Every Street by Karina Halle

Published: June 4, 2013
Forever Yours
Series: The Artist Trilogy 0.5
Sex: PG/R - Medium/Strong Sexual Content
Source: NetGalley
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Reading On Every Street has put me on Javier watch…I like his character. He’s a brutal man…a killer, but there is a honesty to him that you don’t usually find in these type of men. Javier knows what he is…embraces it…he’s honest about the type of man he is. And that I can respect. He doesn’t go around doing what he does and makes excuses, he owns up to it. He is in essence a character you can love, hate or both. That darkness that draws you to him is appealing, sexxy and oh so very dangerous.

Ellie, I’m still not a fan of BUT I can emphasize with her. She makes excuses for why she does the things she does and me personally, I think her anger is directed at the wrong person. Am I excusing what Travis did to her as a kid? No, but her anger is misguided and misplaced. She should be mad at her parents…the half-asses that caused the incident to happen to her in the first place. And to make matters worse, they didn’t even own up to being the fucked up parents that they are. They stopped “grifting” for maybe all of a damn minute and then decide to drop Ellie off at her Uncle’s and start all over again. I guess this was they’re fucked up way of ensuring that she wouldn’t get hurt again.

This prequel gives you a look into the relationship between Ellie & Javier before Sins & Needles. Ellie sets out to use Javier, but instead of breaking his heart…he broke hers. The relationship between these two is complicated and sweet and really just fucking heartbreaking. You see the man that Javier is and the woman that Ellie could have been.

Betrayal is a bitch, it hurts...stings…bites. Who's using who here? you don't really know...who comes out winning? No one at all really. Karine Halle weaves a world that is dark and screwed up, you want to dislike this world she has so beautifully weaved, but you can’t…you’re drawn like a moth to light. You’re burning and you can’t leave because you’re transfixed by it. This world and it characters are like watching a train wreck happening…its going to be death and hurt, but you can’t look away…you just can’t.

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