Review: This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Published: October 20, 2012
Series: The Man #1
Sex: R - Medium/Strong Sexual Content
Source: NetGalley
Authors Website
Genre: Romance, Erotica
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I picked this one up on NetGalley because I saw some pretty awesome reviews on it and thought I try it.

I will say that I liked the story... I did not care for the writing style. I believe the book was written in first person and it was like all over the place. I also thought the heroine wasn't very personable at all...really I only kept reading because of the the guy and honestly he was just okay.

Like I said the writing was just not something I enjoyed at all. It was literally hard to read at times. Plus I didn't really care for how the author portrayed the why did her character have to think about her rape alarm when she came in contact with the black guy? what the hell was that about? Am I over-thinking it...maybe, but I was a little offended and I damn near put the book down after reading that bit part. But I said...try a little more, maybe it'll get better. It really didn't get that much better, but I finished the me it was hard to too.

Honestly, this is a okay read, a 2.5 at best. Bottom line, the story was somewhat appealing...the characters were uninteresting...and the writing was terrible. Definitely won't be continuing with the series.

another one I couldn't pick a song for...characters were too damn annoying.

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  1. I hate when I come across books like that. But hey, at least it was you and not me! LOL, Kidding :)

  2. lmbo! hopefully lesson learned...I hope at least...lols.

  3. Rape alarm? I do get why that could make your hackles rise. Not unless there's imminent threat, I think authors should be more mindful of shiznit like that.

  4. Erg. Good to know! First person can be so hard. i've read a couple that really have done it well but it's not my favorite thing. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  5. ur welcome :) ugh, I don't think I can ever get use to the first person least not in this way. Peppered with bad writing...ugh, it sucks.

  6. Exactly! He walking her through a manor that looks like a hotel...taking her to the man she's suppose to meet, his boss. But because he was and these are the aurthor words "the biggest black man she ever seen", your character instantly feels threatened? He didn't look at her crazy...didn't threaten her...I was seriously like WTF?

    I think so too just sad when you come across that shit.

  7. Wow! I think I'd be intimidated because of his size and nervous because I'm meeting a man but rape alarm is going too far IMO. I'm surprised you still read the thing. Did you post this review on Amazon? You should if you haven't yet.

  8. I haven't yet, but I will this weekend...smh. I don't understand how this book got so many glowing reviews. It was bad.

  9. Rape alarm? :/ That would have made me feel ehhhh about it too tbh Hope your next read is better <3

  10. thanks Melissa, I hope so too. Because the last coule of books I picked up were just not working.