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This week, I had the hardest time picking a quote. I was reading some serious stuff! I mean it was really almost like book crack and well...I couldn't stiff my eReader, how weird is that?....

I give you ladies, Max from Shira. My review will be up this week as well...thinking of doing a vlog...

She let her weapon drop to her side. "What do you want?" (um...she had a bat in her hand because her ex was an abusive jackass..not Max)

"Don't go."

"What?" She didn't just hear the words she'd longed for him to say. Her imagination had run into overtime.

Max stepped into the apartment, forcing her to retreat a pace. He shut the door and locked it. Then turned back to her. From the first touch of his hand on her upper arms, she was lost, but she forced herself to remain silent.

"I don't want to you to go," he said. "Stay here with me."

~forward jump~
"I'm sure you can find another housekeeper."

~forward jump~
Max cupped her face between his palms and made her look him in the eyes. The intensity in his gaze took her breath away. She had to part her lips and draw in air just to keep from falling to the floor. He's a rebound relationship. Not more that that. I can't afford to love him so deeply.

~forward jump~
"I can't be alone, he said. "Not again. I don't know what's right or what's wrong. I can't let you go. Stay."

She nodded, swallowing before she could say anything. "I won't leave you."

See? that's a smart girl right there. Man, listen at him saying please...more than likely my panties would have hit the floor...I'm just saying.

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